May 2019 Favourites

I seem to have blinked and another month has flown by, in fact we are now close to being half way through the year how has that happened? I have done plenty throughout May and here are some of my favourites....

With a few warm days throughout May I have definitely had my monies worth out of my denim jacket, I have loved just throwing it on with a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt, it seems to have become my go to style. The trusty Bradford City hoodie has also been put through its paces once again thanks to the nicer weather. I have really tried mixing up my style a bit throughout may and I think it is working for me, I can't wait to work through it more next month too.

Would you believe me if I said I didn't really have a sneaker favourite throughout May? Instead of sticking to one pair I have been mixing it up a little bit and wearing a variety of sneakers. It has really helped me find my love for forgotten gems once again but also has helped me try match outfits better.

Health & Fitness
I am slowly back to losing weight and it seems to be doing me the world of good. I have also got back to drinking plenty of water once again and it is starting to help my skin out too. Throughout May I have also been using a few new items which is helping me boost my energy, and I am absolutely loving the fact that more energy means later nights so much more is getting done.

My main football favourite from May is the build up to the FIFAWWC, everything from send off games to roster drops it is great to see more and more people getting involved and the popularity rising, remember I will be covering as much as I can on here. Another favourite is the transfer window in both the men's & women's game, it is proving very eventful and great to follow for the women and Bradford are finally making moves in the men's game (post on that coming soon). My final football favourite is seeing the Man Utd legends take on Bayern Munich. Those are the players I grew up watching and to see them put on that Man Utd shirt once again was a great feeling, especially with the likes of Beckham, Neville and Solskjaer playing, then you had the addition of Saha which just made it even better. 

May was spent with plenty of family time, meaning a lot of time with my nephew who I just can't get enough of. We have also made a start on the gardens, the decking has started in the back and the side is being levelled. I can't wait for the side to be done as it is going to be my little football area with nets etc... which will be a place for plenty of blog content to be created. I will be doing a post all about the progress soon. My final favourite is definitely the blog, I fell out of love with it for so long but now I can't wait to sit and create new posts, my motivation has returned and you can hopefully see it in the amount of posts I am creating and the ideas I am coming up with.

So there you have it those are my favourites from the month of May. 

See you soon

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