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Finally the roster for the USWNT this world cup has dropped and it did not disappoint. There is a few surprises and a few that you could have called 4 years ago directly after their win. The USWNT are aiming to gain that 4th star on their jersey this year so you can guarantee that all these players will need to be on top of their game as other countries are beginning to catch them up in terms of the quality of play which we saw in the She Believes Cup where England came away winners. The thing with the USWNT is that since their win they have chopped and changed so much that there have been so many fringe players and the squad haven't really had time to gel like most, granted change can be a good thing but when players and coming and going and the game style is changing each camp some games are going to suffer. But after looking at this roster it looks like Jill Ellis may have finally realised what is needed or she is just worried her job is really on the line. On first look the roster does look strong due to the names on it however, defence and midfield still look a little risky, you have a few injury prone players, players who haven't played many minutes or not suited up for the USWNT often and then what seems to be Jill's favourite players who no doubt are going to be played out of position. So here is a break down of the 23 players Jill has picked to represent the USWNT at the 2019 Women's World Cup (this roster will not be official until it is submitted to FIFA on May 24th meaning if any players end up injured between this time there is an option to change them).


Adrianna Franch - Now this one to me is a bit of a strange one, she hasn't exactly had much game time with the USWNT however, she is absolutely fantastic for the Thorns. It could just be that lack of international experience and lack of knowledge of her back line that could cost the USWNT. Unfortunately though I can't see her getting much game time as I think she is 3rd choice.

Ashlyn Harris - I really do think that the Pride keeper is going to be Jill's 2nd choice for this tournament, obviously only if the injury she recently picked up isn't too serious. Ash can pull of those fantastic saves and can definitely command the backline when needed. I just hope she might get some game time through the world cup.

Alyssa Naeher -  Alyssa is definitely 1st choice and honestly has been for a while now. However, I am still on the fence about this her games seem to be hit or miss. At times she looks so strong and has the backline in order but then other times she looks really shaky and nervous. I am hoping that she has saved all her best for the competition as she is going to be coming up against world class forwards who she may never have faced before. I just really hope she can prove me wrong.


Abby Dahlkemper - Now Abby is a player who I am undecided on, yeah she can play some fantastic games but is she ready for the world cup? I aren't too sure it will be interesting to see how she fairs up against some of the best in the world and how much game time she is actually going to get. She may have many opportunities as all it is going to take is a few cards and injuries and she might be needed more than expected.

Tierna Davidson - Tierna is a player who has really surprised me, straight out of college and into the world cup. She really does seem to hold her own already and has the making to be a fantastic defender, but is this too much too soon? It is going to be interesting to see how much game time she is going to get and whether she is going to be a starter or not.

Crystal Dunn - I have been lucky enough to see Crystal play a few times whilst she was at Chelsea and she is absolutely fantastic with her pace she can cause plenty of problems. If she stays injury free and doesn't pick up any suspensions I can see her being an integral part of the team this world cup, plus she seems like she is good fun to have in the changing rooms and training sessions to help moral.

Ali Krieger - One of the biggest surprises to me. She has played 1 game in 2 years after Jill just magically dropped her but now all of a sudden she is back. It really does make me think Jill is worried about her job and wants to add a lot more experience to this back line especially in the right back position. Ali is still such a fantastic player and if given game time she will really help on that right hand side due to her experience and just over knowledge of playing in the position so long. I just don't understand why she was dropped for so long.

Kelley O'Hara - Please, please, please stay fit for this one Kelley. She is such a fantastic player but is still recovering from her ankle surgery meaning she hasn't really had much game time yet this season. Maybe that is just protecting her for the tournament or maybe she just isn't fully match fit yet but I just hope she is fit for the world cup as she could be a key part of the team due to her versatility, I just remember her goal against Germany in the last world cup and I really hope she can recreate something like this again this year.

Becky Sauerbrunn - Becky was surely a dead set for this tournament as she is what make the back line so solid. Becky to me should be captain of the team as she really does seem to get the team motivated and lift moral. Becky is also a bit of an old school defender in terms of she isn't afraid to get stuck in and her well timed challenges could really prove to be vital for the teams progression.

Emily Sonnett - I am so glad Sonnett was picked as she is one of my favourites however, to get her performing this tournament Jill needs to make sure she is playing her as a centre back, when she is in the right back position she still positions herself to what she knows. She has been a little nervy at the beginning of this season but I honestly think linked up with Becky she can put in some solid performances.


Morgan Brian - I really don't understand the logic behind this one. Brian has barely any minutes under her belt this season and has struggled with injuries quite a bit in recent months, one of the reasons she didn't get much game time over at Lyon. There are plenty of American midfielders around who are putting in brilliant performances but it looks like Jill has opted for experience here which could end up pretty costly to the team if injuries and suspensions hit.

Julie Ertz - This is one of the best calls for me a Julie is not just great in midfield, but she can also help out defensively if required which just adds a little bit more strength to the squad. Plus Julie is a threat in the box too and can score as we have seen plenty of times. The good thing about Julie is she isn't afraid to track back and put a challenge in. I can see her being a crucial part of this team.

Lindsey Horan - Finally Lindsey has her chance to shine on the big stage, last years MVP in the NWSL and now making her way to the world cup. Lindsey really is a force to be reckoned with. From set pieces she is absolutely lethal especially with those headers. She really has made a name for herself at the Thorns and I think the only way is up for her. That link up on set pieces between her and Heath is going to be amazing to watch throughout the summer and could lead to plenty of goals for the USWNT.

Rose Lavelle - I still need to be sold on this one, to me Rose is a good player she just isn't spectacular and doesn't really jump out at me. In the match against England in the She Believes cup she went missing for periods of the game which you really can't be doing at the world cup, again is this going to be too much too soon? Plus with the chance of injury it could end up with a spot going to waste. I am hoping she proves me wrong and really stands out but I aren't too sure.

Allie Long - Another player who is finally getting the chance to prove herself. Allie missed out in 2015 but since then you can tell her work rate has massively improved you just have to look at the amount of training she puts in with the likes of BeastMode soccer to see how dedicated she is and all this extra training could really help her stand out from the rest I just hope Jill gives her game time.

Samantha Mewis - I think Mewis could really be influential in midfield with her tracking back to defend but also with her ability to score goals from a distance her vision is impeccable and could really help with the USWNT's progression, it is going to be interesting to see her linking up with those forwards and I can see her really helping bring those goals in. Plus at 6 foot she can definitely be an aerial threat and help with the defending at the other end.


Tobin Heath - The one I am most excited to see, Tobin is my inspiration and has been for a long time. With her ability to run at defenders and skilfully run rings around them she is world class. Her skill level is phenomenal and is only improving with each game. I mean she is already racking up goals and assists for the Thorns this season and even provided a cheeky little backheel goal. It seems to be since returning from injury she has gone from strength to strength. Her ability at set pieces may also be a factor that puts the USWNT ahead of the game. Just please Jill don't put her at left back.

Carli Lloyd - Carli is a world class player and will always be one of the big names within the game however, at 36 years old I can see this being her last world cup and we all know she will be going out fighting and hopefully winning that 4th star. I think though to make the most out of her Jill needs to bring her off the bench when other players are becoming tired and make the most out of the threat that can bring with it.

Jessica McDonald - McDonald is a player who has really made an impression on me these past few seasons she has been great upfront for the Courage and if used correctly at the world cup she could do really well and make a name for herself. Fingers crossed she can bag herself a couple of goals but none that effect England of course.

Alex Morgan - One of the biggest names in the game right now and rightly so. She has recently hit the 100 goals tally for the team and only looks like she is going to add more over the summer. The only issue with Alex is she always seems to fall for that offside trap but you can really see the determination for her to be the very best she can be. Her work ethic is fantastic and honestly I think she is going to do a lot better than she did in 2015.

Christen Press - Now Jill better give Christen a fair shot as she is one of the best in the NWSL right now with her control, speed and goal scoring ability. You can tell how much extra training Christen has been doing plus her time in Sweden again really seems to have helped her progress her game, she is going to be a key component in the NWSL for the Royals but first she is going help the USWNT get the goals they deserve and help them progress through the tournament. Christen just brings another level to the games and create out of goals where the opportunities shouldn't even be considered, I think defenders are going to have a shock when they come across her.

Mallory Pugh - Such a talent at such a young age and honestly Pugh will be going places, add her into the match as a sub and the defenders won't know what will have hit them. Her pace and vision in the last 20-30 minutes of a match can seriously be the difference between a win or a loss. I honestly believe she is best off as a substitute so that there isn't too much pressure on her also I think I would rather see a Press, Heath, Morgan partnership up top.

Megan Rapinoe - I don't know what it is about Rapinoe, but even though she is a fantastic player I just can't seem to like her and I don't know why. She is another play who I believe should be brought on in the 2nd half of the game to try make a difference if needed as I think Press and Heath are having much better games than her lately. It would be stupid to possibly spoil your chances of a win just to pick a player who you believe would be a bigger name. Tactically there are players who should be brought on as players are tiring and Rapinoe is one of them. I aren't just saying that as I aren't a big fan I am saying that as I would rather a player who is performing their very best take that spot from kick off. 

My ideal starting 11 for this tournament would be Harris, O'Hara, Sonnett, Sauerbrunn, Dunn, Ertz, Horan, Mewis, Heath, Morgan, Press. But honestly I don't think it will be anything like this with Jill picking it. I just hope the team put up a fight as they really do have the potential to go all the way.

Who would be your ideal USWNT starting 11?

Keep an eye on the blog for more roster break downs coming soon.

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