FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 Group E

We are onto our final 2 groups and today is all about group E. Group E is the home to one of my favourite teams... Canada, alongside the Netherlands, New Zealand and Cameroon. This could end up being a really good group. 
Canada did really well in 2015 when they hosted the tournament in fact they really surprised me with how well they did. Plus they have Sinclair who is on a mission, the countdown is on to her making history and beating Abby Wambach to the most international goals scored. Can she get those 4 goals in the tournament to break the record and help Canada progress through the tournament? It is going to make this group a whole lot more entertaining. Then you have the Netherlands, the Euro 2017 winners who very nearly missed out on qualifying for this tournament so it is going to be interesting to see how they do as I think they will be out to prove a point. New Zealand are also in this group and it will be interesting to see how they do as they are hit and miss in regards to winning and losing, they definitely do better against the lower ranked teams but how are they going to fair up against the likes of Canada? Finally in this group is Cameroon, a team I don't know much about but after looking back at past games and stats they don't really play the big teams very often but are also hit and miss with the results against the lower teams so it is going to be interesting to see how they do.

So here is how I think the group is going to look at the end of the group stage....
New Zealand

I really do think having the likes of Sinclair, Scott and Schmidt in this group is going to be a huge help for Canada as they have the experience and the fact Sinclair is on her way to making history will just add fuel to the fire. I think New Zealand may just edge it to avoid being bottom of the group and I believe it may be Cameroon who unfortunately takes this spot. The Netherlands will definitely put up a fight but I think they will end up just behind Canada.

So there you have it that is group E, check back tomorrow for the final group, group F.

See you soon

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