FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 Group F

So here it is the final group that makes up the women's world cup and this one really isn't going to disappoint. Chile and Thailand are in this group and it is going to be interesting to see how these two teams match up to the other two that make up the group... the USWNT and Sweden. I am on countdown to the USA Sweden game as it never disappoints, there is always a big contest. Sweden knocked the USWNT out of the 2016 Olympics so I think the USWNT are definitely going to be out for revenge, especially since that defeat helped in the suspension of goalkeeper Hope Solo after she called the Swedish 'Cowards' due to their style of play. It is going to be a game that keeps everyone entertained I hope and as soon as these teams where drawn in the same group I was on countdown, they just can't seem to get away from each other.
The USWNT are favourites going into this competition off the back of recent performances and their win at the 2015 WWC. If Jill plays the right players in the correct position and those players give it their all they will definitely progress really well in the tournament. Especially with players like Heath, Press and Morgan going into the tournament in great form for the national team. Then you have Sweden who will definitely put up a fight and push through the competition if there players are giving 100% they are a team full of surprises and could really give the USWNT a run for their money. Also in the group is Chile and whilst I haven't really seen these play before from their recent run of results they are a bit of a hit and miss team losing to the big teams then either drawing or winning against those lower teams, it will be interesting to see if they can pull off any surprises in the tournament. Finally you have Thailand who are a team similar to Chile although they did beat Australia back in 2018 so who knows what they could pull off in the world cup. 

So here is how I think the group is going to look at the end of the group stage....

I honestly think the USWNT and Sweden have got the top 2 in this group with the USWNT coming out on top but it is going to be interesting to see who ends up at the bottom of the pile. I really do believe though that this is going to be Thailand as I think Chile may just surprise everyone.

So there you have it that was the final group for the FIFAWWC 2019. I have loved doing these posts and can't wait for the tournament to kick off. Over the next month and a bit there is going to be a lot of world cup content coming your way so make sure to keep checking back here for new posts and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for new updates to.

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