Last Week #44

What a fun week, most of the week was spent in work however, I managed to get Wednesday day off to spend time with my mum on her birthday, which ended up with me, my mum, sister and nephew having the day shopping. I managed to treat myself  to a few bits whilst we were out and even ended up with blue hair again. Nights after work were just spent relaxing but then Saturday morning I ended up out again with my mum before it was the last game of the football season. Finally City's season is over and to be honest I only went to pay my respects to the 56, I am now just glad it is all over and done with. Sunday was spent with the family on a scarecrow trail and in the club which was great just being around them for the day even if all this walking has killed me off my poor legs are killing. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : There has been plenty of football on but other than that I have mainly stuck to Sidemen videos on YouTube.

Been reading : Again I hadn't read a single page of my book last week, but hopefully with a new routine I will start to read more.

Been listening to : I had a bit of a mix of music on last week but mainly I was back to Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony & Camila Cabello.

Bought : I got a pair of pants a little out of my comfort zone which I can't wait to style and a few bits for my nephew but my main and possibly best purchase was the women's world cup sticker book (pictured above) which I am really enjoying filling up.

Plans for this week : This week I am back into the gym and hopefully I will go at least twice. I also want to try have no takeaways and no McDonald's as my weight is starting to suffer. I am hoping to do a bit more in the little room too, Fingers crossed I can go to the City memorial on Saturday too. I am just hoping to have a productive week for a change.  

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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