Bradford Bulls vs Leeds Rhinos.. Love Of Rugby Returns

Would you believe me if I said football wasn't the first sport I fell in love with? I can't believe it either with how football has taken over my life since I was around 7 year old. In fact the first sport I ever played was rugby, the league kind of course and I played this from around 6 year old to 16 years old on and off whilst also playing football. 
I loved rugby that much that me and my grandad actually had season tickets for the Bradford Bulls for countless years and experiencing the highs and the lows of the club was fantastic but then real lift (money) and football got in the way and I stopped going to games. However, this has changed this year so far I have managed to get to 2 games and am hoping to attend more. One of the games I attended was Bradford vs Leeds, one of the biggest derby's of the game which doesn't get played very often due to the difference in leagues these days.

As expected there was a huge crowd and the atmosphere didn't disappoint. Neither did the rugby I was a little worried that the difference in leagues was going to mean Leeds ran away the game but you could see how much Bradford wanted it and every player gave 100% and eventually came back with the win. The game was close but that is what I love about rugby it is action packed and end to end. The result could have gone either way. A few suspect calls from the ref as usual going in Leeds favour but Bradford didn't let it knock their confidence and just fought back even harder. 

You could tell by the players reaction just how much the win meant to them along with the reaction from the fans. With the Bulls winning it meant they advanced to the challenge cup quarter finals where they face local rivals Halifax, I am gutted though as I can't get to that game due to it being my nephew's blessing and I don't think the godparents can be missing from that. Just the feeling of being at the game and remembering why I first fell in love with it has made me want to consider a season ticket next season but still go to plenty this season to fill the void. With us also having Sky now I can see us watching plenty of games from the comfort of our home too. Going and watching made me miss my playing days too but I think those are well and truly over now I will just watch on from the stands in my Bulls shirt.

I just can't believe I forgot about it for so long but now I don't think I will be able to stop watching it and following it again. Come on you Bulls it is time to get back to those glory days and where they belong.

See you soon,

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