Gym Workout Plans

My aim this year has been to get back in the gym fully and get working towards playing football again and just improving my weight and fitness for my own good. Unfortunately though we are now in May and things aren't exactly going to plan. It isn't going to plan due to only just being signed off from physio and then having to have an operation on my abs which really set me back. But now I am all healed from the op and have been given the all clear from the physio for my knee.

Although I have been given the all clear for my knee I do still need to be careful as I am always going have the pain in it unfortunately due to the nature of the injury. Over the years I have gained so much weight that it is now getting silly and it needs to stop, as you can see in the image above back in college and playing football daily I was still pretty slim and at my fittest and that is what I want to get back to. So that means I am now determined to get to the gym at least 3 times a week to help me along my journey with more days been added once I get to the swing of things, along with me working on my diet. 

So here is what I am planning on doing in the gym....

To start with I wont be doing specific days ie. 1 for legs, 1 for cardio and 1 for arms. I will just be mixing everything into each session I do just to get back into the swing of things. I will be doing a short warm up on the treadmill as I have been advised to try keep the treadmill time to a minimum until I am happy with the progress on my knee.

I will then be hoping onto the bike or stair climber for 20-30 mins just to help my legs but also get that cardio in too. Once that is done I will be heading over to the leg press to keep the legs moving and work on adding strength to them at long last. I will then be off on to the leg curl machine as I am hoping to maximise the benefit to my legs. 

Once my legs are over and done with I will be moving onto my upper body. This will consist of free weights and a few machines but honestly I have never done any thing to benefit my arms, shoulders and chest so I am new to it and will be picking exercises as I go along. Then it will be a quick cool down on my favourite machine... the rower.

When I get home I will then carry on with a few ab exercises (I hate doing these in public so I will make sure these are done from the comfort of my own home until I am more comfortable in the gym) and just to finish the whole thing off I will end with some stretches. 

I am also hoping that alongside going to the gym I can actually get up and start doing yoga in mornings before I go to work as I think this could also benefit me.

Obviously this won't be my plan forever and I will be changing things up as I go to the gym more often. So if you have any recommendations for what could help with my weight loss and improving my fitness please let me know.

See you soon

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