FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 Group A

As the World Cup gets closer and closer (roll on the 7th June) I think it is now time to start breaking down the groups and making a few predictions on how the group may look at the end of the group stages. I think this year is going to be bigger and better than 2015 in Canada just down to how the game has grown over the past few years and how other countries seem to be coming through the ranks and putting up a challenge. The standards are getting a whole lot better from all countries and teams are catching up to the likes of the USWNT. So today we are taking a look at group A.
The teams that make up group A are France, South Korea, Norway and Nigeria. 
France is the home nation this tournament and honestly they are a great team to watch with Renard, Henry and Le Sommer absolutely running the show both on their national and club teams. 
South Korea and Nigeria are teams I will be looking into a lot more in the next week or so but I can't wait to see how they fair up against the likes of France as you never know they may have really put up a fight. Norway is also going to be a good team to watch they did great in qualifying from what I saw and now it has been announced Hegerberg won't be playing in the World Cup it is going to be interesting to see how those who helped in the qualifying fair up on the big stage. 

So here is how I think the group table will look by the end of the group stages...

South Korea

It would be really surprising if France didn't top this group but I think if Norway play as well as they can they could really put up a challenge. It was hard to pick who would come in 3rd but I think Nigeria may just edge it past South Korea but I guess only time will tell.

So there you have it that is how I think group A is going to finish. Check back tomorrow for group B.

See you soon

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