April 2019 Pick Ups

Well April definitely didn't go too well in terms of saving money in fact I spent way more than I should on things I probably didn't need. I bought a whole load of items from Primark which you can see in my haul here, which has really helped me in getting ready for that spring style and I am hopefully going to do some styling posts shortly.

So here is what else I bought throughout the month of April. 

Did I really need 3 of these Disney soft toys that clip to things? Definitely not but I ended up being unable to resist them a Stitch, Baymax and Donald are my favourites, I aren't sure where these are going to live yet but I am so glad I have them. We even got a few of these for the nephew's pram. I also got this Bullseye little big feet from the Disney store to add to my little collection, they are just too cute, I got the nephew a Wheezy one of these too as that is what I call him.

It was Liam's birthday in April so I got him this copy of Assassins Creed Odyssey which he said I can play too. We both love the Assassins Creed games so this is going to be a great addition, and no doubt he will end up hogging the Xbox for a while whilst he plays through this.

Before we went to Shawn Mendes we had a shopping trip around Leeds and I managed to find the Stitch candle in Primark at last, for just £5 it smells gorgeous and the print is brilliant. In fact the smell actually reminds me a bit of the Polynesian at Disney. I really need to add more Disney candles around the house so if anyone can recommend some nice smelling ones please let me know.

We had started to get a collection of toys and books for when the nephew comes to ours so it was time I got something to store them in. I managed to find this storage bag in Primark for just £3 and it is perfect as it says welcome to the bat cave on it. Any one who knows us know that me and Liam love our superheroes so this has worked out perfectly.

There was no way I was going to go see Shawn and not come back with any merchandise I managed to get a t-shirt, hoodie and wristband. 

It is rare that I get any football related magazines but then I was introduced to the Soccerbible through Twitter and knew I had to pick it up. I can't wait to sit and read through it properly as it is a bit of everything really. I was really surprised to see how thick and good quality this actually was it is more like a book and is definitely worth the money.

This was just bought to keep me occupied after my op but I never actually got around to building it. Overwatch is by far one of my favourite games and Tracer is my favourite to play as and just overall my favourite hero. I finally managed to find this in Argos and only paid around £10 for it so I am pretty impressed now I just need to get building.

I am finally back in the gym and to try help me along with the journey I am going to be giving these BCAA's a try. I managed to pick these up on offer from MyProtein along with the bottle. But I won't go into these too much as I have a full post planned.

Don't get me wrong these definitely won't be worn out of the house as they are far too short but at £4 and the fact they have Stitch on them I wasn't leaving Primark without a pair. These will be good for pyjama bottoms in the summer.

One day in April was Record store day and once I check the list and saw Halestorm was on it I knew I had to try hunt this record down. I can't wait to listen to it, in fact I am lucky I even got it as I went the day after and there was only the 1 copy left.

Primark are killing it with their Stitch range and I got myself this bowl and plate set for £6, at 24 I probably didn't need this but after all it is Stitch. I got the last 2 sets as I have put one away for when the nephew gets a little older.

Finally I didn't actually buy these but I did receive them from my auntie and uncle as an Easter gift. I love Primark's range of swim short and this summer I want to try convince Liam to get either a decent sized pool or a hot tub type of thing for the garden, especially if it is half as warm as last year. If all else fails I will just end up wearing these lounging in the garden & saving them for any future holidays. 

So there you have it those are my pick ups from April, did you pick up anything good?

See you soon

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