Weight Loss #6

A week with no motivation to do anything left me eating plenty of junk food, getting no exercise and really not bothering about anything. Although one thing I did pretty well at was taking food to work with me for my lunch, doing this provided me with my new favourite meal, Mexican pulled chicken and Mexican rice this is something I will be incorporating into my diet a lot more. I go in for my operation on Monday so this week I need to try stay on track and lose weight as I don't think it will be happening for a while after the op.

Last Weeks Aims: 
Get under my start weight for the first time in ages - It actually happened at last, it may only be 1/4 lb under my start but it is still under it
Actually eat some fruit - I managed to incorporate 1 apple into my diet last week, I guess it is a start.
Only 1 takeaway - Well this didn't happen I think I had the grand total of 3.
Go to the gym - Due to a complete lack of motivation this didn't happen either.

So my Aims for the week ahead are:
Eat breakfast on a morning
Get a gym session in before my operation
Limit the junk food I am eating
Up how much water I am drinking

Start weight : 15st 13 3/4 lb
Weight Last Week : 15st 13 3/4 lb
Current weight : 15st 13 1/2 lb

Difference : - 1/4lb

After the week I had I really wasn't expecting to lose any weight at all so just seeing the scales drop a little has made my week. Lets hope I can lose a bit more this week.

See you soon

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