April 2019 Favourites

I seem to have blinked and April has passed me by. It was a bit of a strange month for me as I had been struggling but also doing a lot within the month. In fact although it wasn't one of the best months for me I have had plenty to do/enjoy most days, it was my dad and Liam's birthdays, I got to see one of my favourite musicians and I spent time with family. So here are some of my favourites from the month of April.

During the Easter bank holiday the weather was fantastic here, which meant one thing.. the shorts were back. Unfortunately though 90% of my pairs don't fit so I stuck to my trusty maroon jersey ones from Primark which are far too comfy. Plus they went really well with the City shirt for the game on Easter Monday. With the weather getting warmer it also meant just wearing t-shirts with no big coats which meant I could finally show off some of my favourites in my wardrobe (post on those coming soon). When the weather had got a little cooler though it also meant I could finally wear some of my favourite lighter jackets such as my denim jacket, grey puffer style jacket and my Bradford City hoodie. It is nice to finally get some wear out of them all and now the weather is getting better I know they will be getting worn a lot more often.

The warmer weather has meant more of a rotation of some of my old favourites as I don't need to worry about them getting soaked. I have been loving wearing my Nike Janoski's and they are just as comfortable as I remember. The fact the warmer weather is here means I can finally wear all my shoes that are more suited to it but I really do need to spend some time covering my sneakers with Crep Protect so they have that added protection and I get more wear out of them.

Health & Fitness
Thanks to my operation this one has been a bit of a weird one for me. I haven't been able to exercise and my diet got worse due to boredom eating. However, my favourite thing is even though this has been happening I have been managing to maintain my weight. Although the weight has been staying the same my clothes are starting to get bigger on me at last and I am managing to drop a size in quite a few items, which is a really good sign however, it does mean a big shopping trip may be happening very soon.

This might be a strange one to be a favourite but City have finally been relegated and I am glad it happened in April rather than us fans been left on edge on the last game of the season, it has just finally confirmed what we all knew. On the plus side though the NWSL started again in April and although Pride haven't got off to the best start I am hoping that things fall into place for them soon. I am really impressed with how my favourite player Tobin Heath has kicked off her season though as she has already scored some great goals I guess that is why she is one of my biggest inspirations. I also got to see England vs Canada in April which meant I finally got to see the G.O.A.T Christine Sinclair play and to top it off she scored too, even though England didn't win it was great to see some of the Canadians I love playing in the flesh for the first time, now I just need the USWNT to come play here. 

With me having the operation I had a week off work, which I was meant to be spending relaxing and recovering however, on day 3 I was in Leeds shopping for the day before me and my sister headed off to watch Shawn Mendes who was absolutely amazing. The final day off my week off was then spent with my sister and nephew again so it has been a family filled month which is great. I don't even like kids but I can't get enough of spending time with the nephew and just watching him grow up. After having the op though I did spend a bit more time planning ideas for the blog and I really can't wait for you all to see the content I want to bring to it as I have loved spending time in April planning. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from the month of April, what were yours?

See you soon

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