Primark Haul : Spring Refresh

I have noticed lately that even though those scales aren't going down the inches are starting to drop off me which means my clothes are starting to look far too over sized. I can't do with clothes that you can tell aren't meant to be oversized looking like they are hung off me so it was time to add a few new items from Primark to the wardrobe for the spring season that will actually fit me correctly. 

I got a black denim jacket for Christmas and I am absolutely loving it, so I thought it was time to add in a lighter one ready for the warmer weather. This will look great thrown over a t-shirt or even layered over a hoodie in the colder weather. It is really nice fitting too and I can't wait to get wearing it. I am so happy I managed to get this in an XL rather than a 2XL.

My jeans are starting to get baggier too but also all the ones I own are ankle grazers, or at least they are mean to be. So for the spring season I have picked up a new pair of black skinny jeans that are ripped. I am loving wearing ripped jeans as they just add a little more to a look than them just being plain. Primark are doing some really nice ones at the moment too.

For work I have picked up some high waisted skinny jeans in grey. I only have black jeans that fit at the moment and don't fancy wearing those everyday. These won't just be used for work though they will also be worn on weekends because nothing is ever kept specifically for work. I love these as there are no rips in them and no frays along the ends. 

Whilst in Primark I had to pick up another plain black t-shirt, for just £1.80 you can't go wrong with these. They have plenty of colour options too so I will definitely be going back for more. In the past I have seen people saying they don't last very long but to be honest I have never had any issues in the past and they can last me a long time. Plus once I am done with them they go to my grandad as he says they are best for waxing and polishing the furniture he builds.

Finally this one isn't for me but I had to put it on here as look how cute it is. I got this for my nephew as I am a massive Stitch fan and I am hoping I can turn him into one too. It will be perfect for him in the summer months. I can't go into Primark lately without picking up items for him too it's just so cheap and looks so good.

I had to limit myself with what I bought as it was coming up to payday so my bank account wasn't looking too good but now I have been paid I think another trip is in order as the men's section have so many good tops in at the moment plus I could do with getting more jeans. I just don't want to go too overboard with me losing weight. I can't wait to get more fashion content up on here in the next few weeks, now I am determined to go out and shoot outfit pics, I just need to convince Liam to come take them for me.

See you soon

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