Trying to create the perfect wardrobe to make getting ready easier...


2024 is the time where I will be working on a whole lot of things and one of the first things we are planning on doing is some jobs around the house. We are finally planning on getting the bedroom done, but more on that another day. The big thing about getting the bedroom done though is the old useless wardrobe is finally going to be ripped out and we can create the perfect wardrobe for ourselves to make getting ready a whole lot easier than it currently is. We are looking at replacing our old wardrobe with a Pax system from Ikea as it means we can customize the wardrobe to our liking and what is going to benefit us the most. With me and Liam sharing the wardrobe which is only a small area we need something that is going to work for us both and fit everything in so things aren't dotted all over like they are currently. 

With it only being a small area the way we are thinking is to get a 100cm wardrobe with a 50cm one slotted in at the side of it. This should fit the area perfectly and provide us with plenty of space to store all our items. So here is how we are planning on setting the wardrobes up...

The 100cm wardrobe is obviously the bigger of the two so is going to be the main wardrobe. This is going to be where the majority of our clothing is stored and this is how we are hoping to fit it out to suit our needs...

2 Rails

We are hoping to have two rails in this wardrobe one up top for any t-shirts, shirts or jumpers that need hanging up to hold the condition of the items. This will be my tops on one side and Liam's on the other so we can keep them separate but all looking good with just the tops up there. The other rail will be on the bottom and filled with our jeans and trousers whilst been separated just like the tops are. Again we just know where everything is with the items rather than having to search for ages like we currently do. The plan with this is to make sure each rail isn't overflowing too so the rule will be before new purchase we need to check to see if items can be donated etc, to make space for incoming pieces, the area will definitely be kept clutter free for once and not be overwhelming when opened.

1 Drawer at the bottom

Below the trousers I am hoping we can fit in a drawer just to store those bits that don't need hanging up or would possibly get damaged by being hung up. This would definitely be for those nice jumpers or t-shirts where we don't want them to lose shape. Again though the aim is to keep this drawer nice and organised so we can open and close it with no issues.

Accessory drawer with a glass shelf

In between the rails if we have the space I would love to have a drawer with a glass shelf over the top just for us to keep all our accessories in one place. This would be somewhere to keep belts, extra wallets and little bits like that so that we aren't constantly miss placing things or having to go into a different room to finish off getting ready. Again thanks to sharing this would be a half and half drawer.

As for the 50cm wardrobe this is just going to be for a few extra bits so they aren't all spread out. Here is how we are hoping to lay the smaller wardrobe out...

4 drawers

The plan is to have 2 drawers each within this section. These would possibly be for underwear just so it is all in one place and out of the way. The smaller drawers would also mean that again we can't overfill them like we have previously done and would need regular clear outs as new bits come in. No need to hang on to bits for the sake of it like we have been doing just due to being too lazy to declutter.

2 pull out tray for jewellery

Again this would be great to have as everything would be in one place meaning we can get fully ready in one room. The most important pieces can be stored in here whether it is just jewellery or jewellery & watches but it would be a welcomed addition. This would again be one tray each and be with our drawers so everything is in its own half. 

Glass trays about each jewellery tray

Above each tray I would love to have a glass tray so that our fragrances can be in one space too. Again this would be a shelf each and would just mean it is all in one space. Currently we have bottles in the bedroom, bathroom and the spare room so to have everything in one space would make life so much easier and we can easily see what bottles we have to suit what we want to wear that day and also so we can see what we are running low on.

This layout would be absolutely perfect for us both so the plan is to sit down and measure & plan everything out properly to see if the layout would fit how we want it to so fingers crossed it does. Alongside the wardrobe we will also be getting a chest of drawers for the bits like pyjamas and workout clothing but we will go into that in a post another day where we will look at the full plans for the bedroom.

I guess that ripping the old wardrobe out will give me the chance to finally have that big wardrobe declutter that I keep on putting off, then I can just put back in those items I really want to keep as I push towards my weight loss goal and goal shop. 

By changing the wardrobe like this getting ready is going to be much more enjoyable and easier each morning as everything will be in one place and much easier to access at long last. Now it is just a case of finally starting on the work which will hopefully be at the start of 2024 and completed by the end of the first 3 months but we shall see. Once it is done it will be more time to focus on the weight loss so we can fill the perfect laid out wardrobe with the ideal clothing.

Roll on getting the bedroom done now and let's start getting the jobs ticked off at long last.

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