My Christmas wish list 2023


Here we go my favourite time of year, we are well and truly entering the festive period so let's kick it off with my Christmas wish list for this year. As always this list is a mixture of what I will be suggesting when family members ask me what I want to receive this year and what I will be hopefully treating myself to. There is certainly a mixture of items on this list however, I have broken it down into categories and after sitting & really thinking of these items I think this list could really help me work towards a lot of things on my goal list in 2024 and other items are just for a bit of fun. So here is what is on my 2024 Christmas wish list...


Nice Coat

I am spending a whole lot more time outdoors since getting the dog so I am constantly on the hunt for new outerwear, I am also currently trying to smarten myself up a bit so the plan is for Christmas I want to treat myself to a nice & smart coat that is suitable for all occasions. The stand out for me at the moment is a Barbour one and with outlets locally I could possibly pick up the perfect coat at a bargain price. This is certainly top of the wish list though as I need to be more prepared for being outdoors.

Manchester United Shirt

We are currently over a month into the Manchester United Women's season and I still don't have the latest shirt to attend games in, this must be a record for how long I have waited. The big problem is I always get a player on the back and I currently can't make my mind up on who I want this time around. Let's hope I make my mind up so I can treat myself for Christmas and head to the games in the new year in the new shirt.

Nike Miler T-shirt

In my fitness and workout wish list recently I mentioned I really wanted to pick up some of the Nike Miler t-shirts, with Christmas coming up when people ask what I want I might suggest one of these as they don't break the bank and will come in super handy throughout 2024. This can also be helpful as I can get the family member to pick the colour out for me as I am finding it difficult to narrow down which one I want first.

Nike Shorts

As I mentioned in that fitness wish list post you really can't go wrong with a matching set to workout in so I am also going to suggest a pair of shorts to match the t-shirt perfectly. The set will come in handy for all the workouts I am planning on doing and who knows it might give me a bit of a confidence boost. Again it would help me if I got these for Christmas as I can't work out which colour I really want first. 

Nice Pyjamas

I am over the stage where I need novelty pyjamas, all my current pairs have cartoon characters or game related things on them and I really want to change that. Primark and Next have some really nice ones at the moment and comfort is key so I might need to drag Liam out for a quick shopping and convince him that a pair is required for Christmas. No doubt I would get my monies worth out of them whilst I was off work over the Christmas period but you really can't beat a nice pair of pyjamas at Christmas.


Vans Knu Skools

I know I keep saying that I am trying to smarten myself up and this type of sneaker doesn't really fit in that but at the end of the day I am also going to want a casual sneaker for those dressed down days. I absolutely love these and they are so different to pairs I would usually go for. They are chunky and will look great for casual fits all year round.

Plain White Sneakers

I am sick of looking for a nice smart pair of white sneakers now, Primark don't do the version I have currently anymore so I need to find something new. I have seen a few pairs under £30 that I am tempted to suggest to family members or even treat myself to. I just need the 1 pair and they should last as I am not planning on wearing them everyday. I just want some that fit with the smarter looks I am aiming for.

Chelsea Boots

I have had a pair of Chelsea boots from Primark for around 3 years now however, they are very scuffed and not looking in the best of shape so I would love a new pair to go with these smarter looks I am aiming for. I know I am planning on treating myself to a brown pair so a nice new black pair will be a Christmas gift suggestion. That way I will have the two main colours to pair with different outfits.


So I have a pair of chunky loafers that I absolutely love however, I really want to get a smarter pair for these smarter outfits I have in mind. The chunky ones will still be worn however, another pair in the rotation would be great and really add some depth into my footwear rotation that weren't sneakers. You can get some nice pairs for reasonable prices too which is a win, win really.

Football Boots

I got a pair of Elite boots last Christmas and I love them however, I keep them for matchday's so they last me longer. For training I am currently wearing a pair of Adidas I got for £20 however, I am not a fan, Nike boots have always been my go to so I would love a nice pair of cheaper Nike's for my training boots. There are plenty of options out there so it is a case of shopping around before picking a pair up for a Christmas present to myself.


Winter Perfume

The colder months call for heavier scents and it is what I am lacking at the moment. Every year though me and Liam treat each other to a new fragrance so I will be asking for something that fits the seasons a bit better. It is time I started matching my fragrances more rather than just picking up the first bottle I can find so let's see which one I opt for if I do get the chance for a new one this Christmas.

Origins Moisturizer 

This item has been on my wish list for so long and I think Christmas 2023 could finally be the time when I bite and finally purchase a tub to try out. I am definitely trying to work on the condition of my skin in 2024 so this product would certainly come in handy. It definitely costs more than I am used to paying for skincare so lets hope if I do treat myself to this for Christmas it is worth it. 


I go through cans of hairspray so quickly that they make the perfect stocking filler for me these days. I get them for my birthday and they are also suggested for Christmas gifts as they are practical gifts that mean I am well stocked and don't run the risk of running out any time soon after Christmas. The brand I get seems to change a fair bit however, I think the one I request this Christmas could be one I stick to for a long time. 



Is it even Christmas if you don't receive socks? In previous years I have actually always asked for sports socks from the likes of Nike however, this year I think with how my style is changing the request is going to be for what I would call 'dress socks' something a bit smarter in a variety of colours without having branding all over them. Primark or H&M do the best ones of these and are pretty reasonably priced too so they will definitely be top of the suggestion pile, you really can't ever have too many socks.

Boxing gloves

I am determined that I am going to be back boxing more regularly in 2024 and my current boxing gloves are starting to crack a little bit. I would love a nice unique coloured pair for Christmas and I have actually sent a few little hints across to Liam so we will see. Maybe getting a new pair would make me more determined to make more session in the new year too. 

Lydia Millen Evergreen

I mentioned this book in my recent book wish list post and the more I look at it the more I am hoping to unwrap it for Christmas. This book just looks absolutely fantastic and like one that I could read over and over again without getting fed up of it. Lydia is certainly one of my favourite content creators so this book should tick all the boxes for me. Plus it will look great on my bedside table or bookcase.

Lego Set

I got a fair few Lego sets for my birthday this year and to be honest I can't stop looking at new ones to pick up. The plan is to ask Liam for a new set or for me to treat myself to one for Christmas however, I just can't narrow down which one I really want. The aim in the new year is to have more screen free evenings so a night building Lego is sounding perfect to me.

Sock Tape

Ok possibly one of the most practical items on this list is sock tape. I am going through loads of this since being back playing football and I keep getting to the point where I am almost forgetting to restock it in time. A nice little stock pile of sock tape would hopefully see me through the remainder of the season if not half of it. Plain black does the trick and luckily Liam found me a go to where by the box it isn't too expensive.

Bath Salts

Another practical item on the wish list as it is another that I go through far too often. With me planning on increasing my amount of workouts I know these are going to come in super handy and probably won't last me too long. These get purchased in the 2.5kg bags and last about a month or so. It is safe to say that these would be a hugely appreciated gift to see me through the months where I put my body through its paces.

So there you have it that is my 2024 Christmas wish list for both suggesting to family members but mainly for treating myself over the festive period. It is definitely a list of items that would really benefit me but also a few random bits thrown into the mix. It is time to start thinking practical rather than wasteful.

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