November 2023 favourites


Here we go somehow November is almost wrapped up and we are heading into the final month of 2023, I am not sure how though as I feel as though it was just two minutes ago 2023 was actually beginning. The year has certainly flown by and with how it has gone I will be glad to see the back of it, saying that though November has been a good month and things have started to change in the right direction at long last. November has been a busy but very productive month with plenty of changes taking place which were much needed, it has also been a month of discovering new favourites whilst also rediscovering old ones. So here are my favourite things from the month of November...


Putting effort into outfits again

Now I haven't put as much effort in as I would have liked however, I have been putting more effort in than I have for the rest of 2023 and that is why it is on this months favourites list. The month has been a month of working out different outfit combinations whilst also reaching for pieces I haven't worn in a long time due to them looking smarter than usual. It has been nice rediscovering old favourite clothing items but the plan for December is to make even more effort when it comes to getting ready on a morning.


Adidas Forums

The Air Force are officially retired and I guess you could say it is about time as they were well and truly falling apart. I was planning on rotating the footwear I wore as a replacement however, I seem to have stuck with my Adidas Forums throughout November. These have been super comfortable and somehow have stayed in pretty good condition even after all these wears which is always an added bonus. These have been perfect for the outfits I have worn this month but that may change next month.

Ugg Dupes

I have had these Ugg dupes from Primark for about 4 years now and they are still going strong. These have been great as an alternative for sneakers are are actually really comfortable however, I will admit I don't go very far in these but I am absolutely loving them for those quick trips. Maybe I need to invest in some of those mini Ugg's when these are no good.


Trying weight lifting

November is the month where I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new fitness class and I am so glad I did as it has been so much fun and is benefiting me loads. I never expected me to enjoy weight lifting but it is actually really fun and I am learning plenty of new things as I attend more and more sessions. This is certainly going to be something that I keep going to for as long as possible and I think it is going to help with the weight loss over time too. 

Signing up for the gym again

November also saw me take the step of joining the gym for the first time in a long time. This is only temporary however, as I will be cancelling this once the home gym is up and running. By signing up to the gym now though I can get a head start on my 2024 goals and also keep pushing myself on that weight loss and fitness journey which I am really hoping is coming to an end this time next year. I am glad I made the jump and signed up for the gym and I can't wait to see what progress I make from it.


Family time

In November I took the decision to step away from football for a little bit and to be honest I am quite glad I made that decision as I have a whole lot more time to spend with Liam and the dog without having to rush back for games etc. It has been really nice having more time with them as it has included time at home or long walks which is a nice change of pace which was actually much needed. 

Working on plans for the house

2023 hasn't gone to plan in regards, to getting jobs around the house done, in fact we have got nothing done at all in the grand scheme of things which has been a bit of a nightmare. We have actually spent a lot of November planning out the jobs we want to get done in 2024 though and what order we want them done in. It has been a month of planning and we are slowly making progress with the plans and know exactly what our first job is going to be.


Alex Scott - How not to be strong

Ok so this book is now on back to back favourites as I have not made reading a priority so I am still working my way through this book. I will be honest though I am glad I am taking my time with this as it is such a good read and I am learning so much about one of my all time favourite players. You really do learn a lot about Alex's life on and off the pitch and I am loving every second of reading this book.


What's Good Games

Another back to back favourite is the What's Good Games podcast, I just can't get enough of it and their content is really helping me stay in the loop when it comes to gaming which I haven't been doing as much as I previously have. This really has kept me in the loop though and I look forward to the new episodes being released weekly. I do need to start listening to other podcasts to so maybe that can be my aim for the new year... find new podcasts to listen to.

Overall highlight of the month 

Getting things ready for the festive season

I mentioned in a previous post that last years festive period was chaotic and a lot of aspects were rushed however, I can honestly say the big highlight of my November is being on top of everything and actually having all the gifts purchased and ready to wrap, I am way ahead of myself for once and it means I am going to have more time to just relax this year and enjoy everything festive with no worries and minimal stress.

Favourite thing I have learned

It is actually easier to be alcohol free than you think

I went alcohol free in September with the aim of not drinking until my 30th birthday and I will be honest I thought that it would be a struggle however, it is actually a lot easier than I realised. There are plenty of alcohol free options when out and about although so far I haven't actually thought about having a drink in a long time and I feel great for cutting it out.

So there you have it those were my favourites from the month of November, I have to say a final favourite is definitely this new format of the post too as it is actually helping narrow down those real favourites. Now though let's see what the final month of the year has in store...

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