It is time to pick up some books to help the self growth journey...

The big plan going forward is to work on myself but also to switch off on an evening so my brain gets a rest rather than being in over drive like it seems to always be in at the moment. I want to be reading am mixture of books too and not just the far fetched non-fiction of the fantasy world which I have done over the past few years when I have actually read. I mainly want to be reading books that are going to help me on this self growth journey I am attempting to go on. The current bookshelf isn't filled with many books that would be beneficial of this though so I am making myself a little list of books I would love to get around to purchasing to help me switch off on an evening but also teach me things. So here are those books I would love to pick up...

Atomic Habits

This book has actually been on my wish list for quite a while and I think it is about time I finally picked it up. This one is meant to be great for self growth so I am hoping I can learn quite a lot from it. It seems to be a highly reviewed book so let's hope that I can read it and make those habit changes and help with me on that self growth journey that is going to be a huge priority going into the new year and beyond.

The Chimp Paradox

This book is all about mind management, success, confidence and happiness... all those things that I do need. Again this has been on the to buy list for a while however, I just haven't gotten around to buying it mainly down to the fact I haven't been reading at all. Now that I am planning on reading once more I think it is about time I picked a copy up and really took in all it has to offer.

The diary of a CEO

The diary of a CEO book seems to be all over my Instagram still and I am enjoying little snippets of Steven Bartlett's podcast that keep popping up as he seems really insightful so I think by reading this book I could really learn a lot. I think it might also be a foot into consuming more of Steven Bartlett's content.

Lucy Spraggan Process

I have absolutely loved Lucy Spraggan for years and I am a bit disappointed in myself that I haven't picked this up yet. But again there was no point picking this up when I am not reading is there. Now that I am planning on reading more often the plan is to finally pick up a copy and learn a lot more about one of my favourite musicians.

Sarina Wiegman What it takes

I think it is common knowledge now that I love football and especially the women's game. I have plenty of players books but Sarina Wiegman now has one out and I can't wait to pick up a copy. Wiegman is an absolutely brilliant manager, in fact she is one of the best in the World for the women's game so I would love to find out more about her and how she has developed within the game, who knows just how much I will learn from it.

Lydia Millen Evergreen

Lydia Millen is one of my all time favourite content creators and the journey she is on is absolutely brilliant to see. This past year we have seen so much growth from Lydia and I am really looking forward to picking this book up and seeing just what this book entails. Her videos on YouTube draw me in and have helped me work a few things out personally so I think I could learn a lot from this book overall.

So there you have it a short and sweet post all about those books I am hoping to pick up over the coming months. It is safe to say some of these books are different to what I am used to however, at the same time I think I am going to learn so much from them that I can implement into my life to see that growth I am hoping to achieve over the coming months and way into the future. 

Now for the hard part... which book shall I pick up first?

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