The 2023 winter wish list


Winter is certainly here already, the temperatures have dropped a lot and the rain seems to be a constant feature now. The sudden change having seemingly skipped autumn has actually had me looking at the contents of my wardrobe and I am starting to notice some key pieces are missing that could make winter a whole lot warmer for myself and even a whole lot more stylish if the key pieces were added into a winter rotation. It has surprised me just how much I have got missing due to clothing not fitting right, the dog destroying a few pieces or just general wear and tear, the plan is though to pick up a few items on a budget to ensure that all basis's are covered. So here is what I am hoping to pick up this winter for the wardrobe... 


Lightweight Sweater

I actually buy these from Primark and pay no more that £10 for a lightweight sweater but they do last the whole season and that little bit longer. My older ones are now a few years old and are looking worse for wear so it is time for an upgrade as these are my work go to items. The plan is plain black, grey, navy for definitely but who knows a few extra colours could be added as I know I am going to get my wear out of them.

Chunky Sweater

I used to have a really nice chunky sweater for day to day wear from Primark once again however, it no longer fits me so the plan is to hunt down the perfect grey or neutral chunky sweater for this winter. I don't want to spend a fortune on one of these as I know it could end up not fitting me in a few months time but a chunky option would be perfect for day to day wear.

Plain Hoodies

I think I mentioned recently that all my current hoodies have graphics or branding all over them and to be honest I am starting to move away from those types of items so the plan is to pick up at least a black and grey plain hoodie for the cold weather. I have done a bit of shopping around already and Matalan seem to have the best looking basic hoodies and I have had one from them in the past so I know they are good quality and will last me a while, my previous one I have had for around 5 years already.

Checked shirts

It is the time of year where the checked shirt restock takes place... I buy these cheap every year as my size changes and Primark is once again the go to for these. I get the men's £8 ones as that is a bargain for how many I go through and I tend to get 4 or 5 each year to keep me going. I am aiming for a nice mixture of colours this time around those not just the standard ones I get every year so let's see which I do opt for.

Darker coloured smarter shirts

I keep on saying it but I am determined to start smartening myself up and I want to make a start on this throughout the winter months as I think I can have some fun experimenting with this. The aim this winter is to pick up some nice shirts for my work wardrobe in darker colours than I have been used to without the shirts being too formal. The hunt is now on and I am sure I will post them on here or Instagram if I do find some.

Long sleeved t-shirts

Now this item is just going to be a restock of ones that no longer fit me properly. This is another Primark item and I simply get the plain long sleeved t-shirts in black, grey and navy for layering under clothing just for a bit of extra warmth. Who knows this time I might end up with some different colours too.

Dark jeans

Other than a few pairs of black boyfriend fit jeans my wardrobe is filled with lighter denim however, I would love to add some darker denim into the rotation to match the season. I don't want to spend a fortune on these however, a pair in dark blue & one in dark grey should do the trick and help me create some nicer winter looks. A pair of black skinny jeans is also on the list.

Checked Trousers

I have recently tried on my checked trousers which have been a wardrobe staple for me for a long time now and lets just say I have 1 pair remaining. This winter I am hoping to add 1 new pair into my wardrobe to give me an added option however, I need to find the perfect pair as none are really standing out to me at the moment.

Grey Trousers

The hunt for some nice grey trousers has been going on for far too long now so I am hoping that I can finally pick a pair up this winter. The ones I have come across so far all seem far too formal whereas I am hoping to get a pair that are more on the smart casual level. Let's hope that at some point during winter a pair finally gets added into the wardrobe as I have so many outfits in mind for when I do get them.

Waterproof coat

I am massively under prepared for the winter dog walks, none of my coats are actually waterproof so that needs to change as I can't continue getting soaked daily. The plan is to head to a walking shop and invest in a good quality coat that is waterproof and warm for the winter months. It is definitely needed so there is no budget I just want to stay warm and dry.

Smart tan coat

A few years ago I got a smart black coat, last year I got a smart grey one so this year I think it is time to pick up a nice tan one in a long style. Usually this time of year is when you can get some great deals on them so hopefully I can find a bargain. My grey one came from New Look and I love it so I think that will be the place I keep on checking. The budget is £40 for one of these so fingers crossed.


Chelsea boots

These were mentioned in my Christmas wish list post as a suggestion I would be giving to my family however, I did say I wanted both new black and brown Chelsea boots so I will definitely be treating myself to a new pair this winter. I am hoping that I do end up with both colours however, the black ones are definitely the biggest priority as they will go with so many outfits I have in mind.

Chunky Loafers

I have one pair of chunky loafers but they are very shiny so I want more of a toned down pair for the winter months. Again you can usually find these at a reasonable price so I will be doing a bit of shopping around in the hopes of finding the perfect pair at a bargain price. This could honestly end up just being another Primark purchase in all honesty though.


Just like with the coat my footwear is also not suitable for the winter dog walks so right up towards the top of my to buy list this winter is a nice pair of wellingtons for the cold, wet dog walks. I was planning on just getting a cheap pair from a high street store however, I have done a bit of research and you can actually get Barbour ones for a really reasonable price. Now I just need to work out if I want long or short ones. No doubt the decision wont be made until I have tried a few pairs on.



I practically live in hats in the colder month, the only time I am not in one is when I am in work although it is that cold there I could probably do with wearing one there too. All my current hats have logos on them so I want to pick up a few nice neutral ones this winter so I can have some nicer, smarter looking coloured hats to go with the nicer aesthetic I am aiming for. Luckily for me I can pick up a few of these at a good price from Primark.


With the sort of style I am working towards I think a nice scarf would compliment outfits really well so this winter I am on the hunt for a few different colours to go with different outfits and coats. No doubt I will end up getting a few different styles too but I think their addition would help with looks and also add that little extra warmth during the cold period. The only condition for the scarf is that it needs to be nice and soft and nothing like a football scarf.


Why is it gloves always seem to disappear? Every year I have to go out and buy new gloves and this year I am not going to just get the cheapest pair I see. Normally I just get the plain black magic gloves but this winter I want something a bit nicer and in Primark I have seen some nice tan coloured gloves that are in a smarter style so those are top of the wish list. Again they are relatively cheap so the plan is to get a few different colourways in these to cover all basis.

Thick socks

My current sock rotation is Nike socks or thinner crew socks however, with the weather changing and my footwear changing I could really do with some thicker socks. For the dog walks I am going to be wearing walking boots so walking socks or thicker cosy socks will work a treat. Again these are items I can get at a reasonable prices from Primark so I guess that is where I will be heading.

Heavier fragrance

For me the colder weather calls for a heavier scent and I will be honest my fragrance rotation is declining very quickly, I am slowly working through the bottles I already have and I am now out of winter appropriate fragrances so whilst the offers are on in the build up to Christmas I will be on the look out for a nice heavy fragrance for the winter period. Who knows which one I will actually end up with in the end though.

So there you have it those are all the items on my wish list this winter. I think it is safe to say if all goes to plan we can see a Primark haul happening very soon but I am more than happy to buy these items on a budget and saving some extra money towards that big goal shop in the future. Some items though I will be definitely putting more money towards such as the walking coat and boots as these need to be able to withstand the elements.

What's on your winter wish list?

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