The places we would love to visit as we get out and about more.

One of the big things that both me and Liam want to do next year is get out and about more whether it be a day trip or a weekend away. We are looking at getting some camping equipment to allow us to take the dog on some camping weekends throughout 2024 which should be nice and cheap trips but we would also like to go on a few trips maybe in a wooden lodge somewhere out of the way where we can go on dog walks etc, and just switch off. We are even getting some walking gear for day trips out and about on long walks with the dog just so we can enjoy the fresh air a whole lot more. 

Living up in the north of England we are lucky enough to have plenty of nice walks on our doorstep or a short drive away. There are also plenty of nice places to go for a weekend away without having to drive for hours, in fact we are probably spoiled for choice when it comes to narrowing down where we want to go. After a fair bit of thinking though we have slowly narrowed down a number of places where we would love to head to over the course of 2024 and probably beyond that as there are a few too many places and here is where we would love to head...

Lake District

We are not too far from the Lake District in the grand scheme of things and we think the dog would love it up there. We want to explore as many parts of it as we can too so it will mean having a fair few trips up there. No doubt at some point we will stay over in the Lakes, in fact 1 weekend up there is an aim for 2024 but most trips will probably consist of long days up there, a nice early start a good walk and the rest of the day exploring whichever area we head to. 

Peak District

The Peak District is also not too far away from us however, I think if we do head to the Peak District this will be for things such as camping trips or sometime in a lodge. There is plenty to explore in the Peak District and again I think that all 3 of us would enjoy our time there no matter what length of time we are there for. Now to make a list of what areas we want to explore first as again we are spoiled for choice.

The Cotswold's

Now the Cotswold's are definitely a fair distance away from us so this would be a long weekend away no doubt but I am determined to get there at some point. Anyone that I know that has been has said how nice it is so I am hoping it will really be worth the trip. Again there will be plenty of nice walks to do around there whilst also being able to explore the area so fingers crossed we can head down there at some point soon.

English Heritages Sites 

We really do need to sign up to the English Heritage once more as previously we never got our money worth. Now we are getting out and about more with the dog though it would be great to renew and go to as many dog friendly sites as we can. Again we have a fair few local sites whilst there are plenty in other areas we want to visit too so maybe that renewal would come in handy, plus Liam loves anything history related so he would certainly benefit from it.

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are literally on our doorstep so we really don't have any excuse not to go on adventures up there. There are plenty of areas that we can go explore and it wont take us long to get there either which is a win, win situation. This is definitely an area we are planning on heading to for some camping trips too so let's hope when we do go the weather is on our side.

Yorkshire Coast

A few trips to the Yorkshire coast is also on the list. Now just your typical Bridlington & Scarborough either, we want to go explore the hidden gems and Whitby is 100% on the list of where we will be heading in 2024. You can't beat a trip to the seaside and the Yorkshire coastline is full of places to go and explore. The dog loves the beach too so we will have to make sure we are going at times when he can go on the beach so he isn't missing out.

There are plenty of places for us to head out and just enjoy our time together which is something we are determined to do especially in the new year. There is no need to spend our time out of work just sat in the house or going shopping for the sake of it, we really should start taking advantage of the outdoor adventures we have around us and spend some time with the dog exploring those areas. It will no doubt tire him out but exploring is what the little bundle of energy needs and it will do me and Liam the world of good too.

Now to decide where to head to first...

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