The goals I have set myself for November 2023


Well we are somehow in November already how are we nearly at the end of 2023? I am determined to use November as a month of getting ready to end the year on a high as let's just say 2023 hasn't gone half as well as I had wanted. November is again due to be a busy month but I am determined it is going to be a month where productivity is at a high and I am working on those things that are going to benefit me as we approach the new year which is going to be a much better year I am sure of it. So here are the goals I am setting myself for the month of November...


Keep the wash baskets empty

I absolutely hate doing the washing and I hate putting it away even more so I tend to leave it all to pile up plus there is the fact I am barely ever home so have had very little time to catch up on washing. I am at the stage now though where I am sick of seeing an over flowing wash basket so the plan for October is going to be empty the wash basket and then keep on top of keeping it empty.

Buy no new clothes

My fitness journey is being taken up a step in November so there is really no point in me buying any more clothing as I am hoping that in just a few months items are going to be too big for me. My wardrobe is absolutely overflowing at the moment too so there is really no point me adding to it anyway. The plus side of this is going to be being able to add more money into my goal shop at the end of November as any savings are going to be split between that and a few other things.

Plan outfits weekly

Throughout November I want to start the habit of planning my outfits weekly. The most time in a morning is spent debating what to wear and I am sick of it taking so long, the plan is going to be to use an hour on a Sunday to put together outfits for the working week, any exercise classes I have and also anything that is coming up at the weekend. This will take the guess work out of mornings and just get me that little bit more organised which I need to start being.

Wear my Dr Marten's more often

I got my Dr Marten's for my birthday and I absolutely love them, they are super easy to style and are generally just quite a bit different to what I would usually wear which is making a nice change. This weather definitely calls for boots rather than sneakers and I am determined to make sure this happens. That is why a goal for November is to wear my Dr Marten's more often and have fun styling them. This will make a nice change so lets hope I can do it.

Accessorize outfits

I have plenty of jewellery, watches and other general accessories but for some reason I have got lazy when it comes to putting outfits together and I am not bothering to use them. I know that I can level up my outfits by throwing a few accessories into the mix so the plan is throughout November to add a few to each outfit I put together and stop being lazy.


Get 90% of my Christmas shopping done

I am determined that I am going to be in a position where 90% of my Christmas shopping is going to be done so that I can spend December enjoying the festive period and spending money on treating myself or saving up for the things I want to get done next year. If I do get the majority of shopping done in November I won't be rushing around like I have previously and who knows I might even get them all wrapped with plenty of time to spare too.

One long walk a week

Granted I am always out and about these days walking the dog however, we tend to just do multiple short walks as that is what the dog prefers. I am determined though that in November I will be doing at least 1 long walk per week, this will be the minimum of an hour and can be with or without the dog. I just feel so much better when out in the fresh air so I want to make the most out of weekends rather than being lazy.

Bake once a week

I am constantly glued to a phone or laptop screen these days and I want to try have some time away from them each week. The plan for November is to get in the kitchen and do some baking once a week. This will just be a bit of fun away from a screen and will hopefully provide us with some tasty treats. This could either give me another hobby to pass the time or turn into a disaster so lets see how it plays out.

Declutter all the kitchen

The kitchen is getting a little bit ridiculous now, some cupboards wont close, some are just filled with junk and it is safe to say both me and Liam are getting pretty sick of it. The plan is to use November to go through every cupboard & drawer and just get rid of as much as we can. Then hopefully we will have a kitchen we are happy to be in for a change and that we want to use a whole lot more.

Start saving up for the bedroom work

One of the big goals for November is to have some money left before my November pay day towards the end of the month so I can put the money to one side and make a start on saving up for our bedroom redoing. This is going to be a total makeover of the space which we want to get done early in 2024 so every penny is going to count and we want a minimum of £1,000 saved up before we make a start on the works as this will cover a lot of the big outgoings.


Lose 6 lbs

I have mentioned a fair few times now that my fitness and weight loss journey really isn't going to plan lately which is of course frustrating me but we are drawing a line and having a clean slate for November. The aim is to have a great first month back to it and drop 6 lbs but we shall see how that plays out. 4 lbs would be great however, 6 lb is the target and I know if I get back to it all and take it serious again I can definitely achieve this.

Meal prep & plan

The days of me standing in Tesco's trying to find the right meal deal are over, I am determined that November is the month where the habit of meal planning and prepping is going to place. This just helps me know exactly what I am eating each day rather than getting junk for the sake of it. I know that by prepping I will be getting the nutrition I need to help me achieve my goals so let's hope I can stick to it.

Go to a weight lifting class 5 times

This month is all about pushing myself so I am going to start attending a local weight lifting class and the aim is to attend this 5 time throughout the month of November. This will mean attending every Thursday evening and I think by doing this and getting into a routine of going my journey will see a fair bit of progress and I will see some strength start to appear which I am seriously lacknig.

Boxing at least twice a week

Unfortunately due to other commitments I haven't been able to attend boxing half as much as I have wanted however, I am determined to get back to sessions at least twice this month just to get me back into the swing of things. I know that these sessions benefit me so much so it is about time they took priority once again. 

Set the ice bath up 

I recently treated myself to an ice bath after wanting one for a very long time. It has been sat in the box for far too long and I am sick of not being able to use it so the plan is that in November it finally gets set up which means I need to sort the back garden out to make space for the ice bath but it shouldn't be too much of a demanding task. A few hours out of my day and the ice bath should be good to go which I can't wait for.


Post daily on the TNG Instagram

I have seriously been slacking with Instagram lately however, I want November to be the month where this changes a little bit. I want to post every day on this account with a nice mixture of content and hopefully it will set the wheels in motion for some growth at long last but help me become more consistent as we approach the new year. 

Post some reels on the fitness Instagram

I am really trying to improve my confidence when it comes to being in front of the camera so I am hoping I can get some videos captured to help with this but also so I can look back over time and see just how my journey has progressed. 

Update iMovie

I really do need to stop putting off this update and with me wanting to film reels, I need something to edit on so the plan is to finally get iMovie updated so I can slowly learn how to us it. Who knows by updating this I might end updating everything else I need to too.

Plan fitness Christmas content

There is a plan in place for me to do a bit of a fitness advent calendar over on my fitness Instagram so I want to make sure I get all that planned throughout November so that nothing is forgotten about. I think a solid nights work would get this all in order and ready to go so let's see if it goes to plan and we will see this ticked off by the end of the month and December will be full of fun Christmas themed content.

Start mapping out 2024 content

I want to get ahead of myself as we approach the new year so throughout November I want to get a fair chunk of 2024 planned and scheduled into my content calendar so I know where I stand when January does roll around. This is mainly going to be for blog content for all 3 websites so again let's hope a good few nights help me get a little bit further ahead of myself so that 2024 is a year where I am more consistent and producing better content.

So there you have it those are my goals for the month of November, I am really looking forward to seeing how many of these get checked off at the end of the month as if things do go to plan we are looking at a super productive month taking place.

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