This goal shop wait is driving me mad...


The wait for the big goal clothes shop continues... but is the wait getting annoying now?

Since 2021 I have been putting money to one side so that when I reach my goal size/weight on my fitness & weight loss journey I can go out and restock my wardrobe without having to worry about how much it is going to cost as that money is untouched and I am slowly adding away to it so by the time it does come around I could possibly have a few thousand pounds in it if I keep it up meaning a full restock would take place without having to raid my bank account.

The money is to cover absolutely everything as my size is going to change a lot if all goes to plan. I have now been waiting 2 years for this shop and I think I am going to end up waiting at least another 2 which is definitely a bit annoying as there are some clothing items I have been after for years now. I just refuse to buy them until the goal shop as they cost a lot of money and I don't think they would suit my current shape. I have to say though I am quite impressed with myself that I haven't caved and purchased them yet as any other time I would have given in straight away and wasted my money.

I have to admit though it becoming very hard not to cave in and just purchase the items because as you will have seen in my new in posts I love buying new clothing and experimenting my with style. Although lately I have been trying my best to reign in my spending on clothes however, I just need to stop getting sucked in with deals and trends as that is certainly where my downfall is. I get sucked in and end up spending a fortune on items I don't need, I think once I see that mindset change we will see a big difference and the spending on clothing will be brought under control until I need to head out on the goal shop. 

The big thing I need to remember is that I don't need to go buy clothes as they aren't fitting me for long these days, why spend £20 on a t-shirt if it is going to last a few months then be too big for me? Yes it is going to be annoying however, it will be worth it in the end when I can really start investing in quality pieces once I hit my targets, I can also work on my journey rather than shopping which will help me get towards that goal shop a lot sooner hopefully.  

If I can stop shopping I can really save up that money as I wont be buying for the sake of it and I can put what is saved straight into my goal shop fund. I mentioned earlier I could possibly end up with a few thousand pounds by the time I get around to the shop but I do believe if I really save up and put in what I would spend on shopping straight into the savings I could be at £3,000 by the time I hit my goal weight & size. This will more than cover the rebuild of my wardrobe and I can keep the extra for future shops or even buying new accessories.

So the plan now is stop buying for the sake of it, I am going to allow myself essentials and basics when they really need replacing such as if they are falling apart or if they are looking far too worn. My size is also going to change a fair few times on this journey so it is inevitable some items will need a restock however, it will all be on a budget as things shouldn't be lasting too long if everything goes to plan. 

A lot of items on my goal shop wish list are on the expensive side of things so it is time to really knuckle down and push on for the saving and stopping the pointless shopping trips so I can use that time to work on myself and work towards that big goal which is still a long way off.

It might be annoying waiting but it should all be worth it in the end right?

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