The outfits I have been loving through spring...

This year is flying by and I can't quite believe we are in spring already. I am glad that we are though as this is one of my favourite times of the year, the football season is ending so games get even more interesting, the weather starts to warm up and most importantly it stays lighter on a night so I can do things after work rather than going to work in the dark and going home in the dark. The spring and summer months are much more enjoyable for me and this even carries over into getting ready on a morning. I much prefer dressing for the nicer weather and this year I am even trying to add a bit more colour into my wardrobe which is going to be so fun to experiment with I think. I have more outfit options as the warmer weather approaches thanks to my wardrobe being full of t-shirts, shirts and shorts so I don't feel like I am wearing the same thing all the time either. So far though there are two outfits sticking out to me that I know I am going to be wearing a lot during the spring season due to the ease of the outfits and the quality of the items in them. So here are those two outfits I know I am going to be opting for probably far too many times...

First up we have the perfect outfit for the colder weather which unfortunately still happens far too many times in the spring. No matter what time of year it is though you can't beat wearing a good hoodie and this one that was a bargain price of £3 ticks all the boxes. This is a brilliant way for me to experiment with adding more colour into my wardrobe thanks to the lighter pink colourway and it fits really nicely. The material isn't too thick so it is great for the spring temperatures and the hood is perfect for those April showers. It is pretty plain looking from the front however, once I turn around the big smiley face print on the back looks absolutely fantastic and just adds even more of a pop of colour to the design. I am just in love with the colour of this hoodie though as it works perfectly when paired up with my Jordan 1's as they have a variety of pastel colours in the colourway and the pink is almost a perfect match. I was struggling with what to wear with the sneakers previously however through on this hoodie and you have got a great pairing.  As for bottoms in Spring I tend to stick to my black ripped jeans more than anything although I am hoping to change that as the month progresses but for now these old ripped black skinny jeans help me create what I believe is a great look. 

The above outfit is definitely for a more casual/ basic day to day outfit but sometimes I do like to make a bit of an effort with my outfits especially for those longer days out where a few drinks may be involved or if I just want to look a bit smarter than some other outfit choices, plus I am still at work so sometimes I need to piece an outfit together for a long office day where I want to look nice and be comfortable. I try to reserve certain items in my wardrobe for work though so I can feel like I am wearing different items when I am out of the office however, some bits do end up crossing over and becoming both work and out of work clothing, sometimes it just can't be helped. 

 This outfit is by far one of my favourites for days out where I know I am not going to want dress a bit smarter and I know that this year these items either together or with other pieces of my wardrobe are going to be worn far too much as they were last year too. I got this denim short sleeved shirt from Primark and I love it, the fit is perfect and worn open it looks great (I wonder if it will fit even better buttoned up this year) This colour of denim is exactly what I was looking for too as it is nice and light perfect for the warmer days. I just tend to throw on a plain t-shirt under this too and with this outfit I opted for a navy blue one which is a bit different to what I would usually go for but it just helps with the flow of the outfit. On the bottom I team this outfit up with my navy blue chinos which I honestly bought not thinking I would wear them too often but they have become a favourite especially for in the spring/summer due to their material. I absolutely love wearing this outfit as it is so simple but looks so much smarter than some of my other outfits I tend to wear. I am hoping to pick up a nice white pair of Converse to go with this look this year as that is what was unfortunately missing last year. 

I am really looking forward to wearing these two outfits to death this spring and I think with a bit more experimenting I could end up with even more favourite outfits by combining a few of these items with other pieces I own or plan on owning in the very near future. I am looking forward to getting more experimenting with my style done this spring/summer so be sure to check back on here and Instagram as I am sure a lot of those new outfits will end up being posted especially those that I fall in love with far too quickly. 

What is your favourite spring outfit? 

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