How I will be styling the Vans Old Skools for the warmer weather

I have mentioned in the past how I went off Vans for quite a while and honestly never thought about going back to them. But then I fell in love with the simple black and white Old Skools every time I went into JD but thanks to past experiences I never picked them up. As time went on though I was still getting tempted by them and my parents asked me what I wanted as a gift for Christmas so I bit the bullet and said the Old Skool's, I think this was the only way I was ever going to get a pair as I always talked myself out of them. As soon as I got them and tried them on any worries I had soon left me as I realised just how versatile this choice of footwear was going to be. These are perfect for all weathers as just a quick spray of Crep Protect has kept these looking fresh throughout autumn & winter and now we are in spring heading into summer these still look as good as new with just a few scuffs to show they are worn. They are definitely a sneaker worth the price and here are two ways I am going to be wearing them throughout the rest of spring and into the summer...

Work still gets pretty cold in the warm weather as it is a very old building so there are no shorts worn on office days no matter how nice it is. I try to stay away from jeans though and my go to bottoms are any of my collection of checked pants when the weather warms up, admittedly I have far too many pairs of checked pants but they come in handy all year round as they just look a bit smarter than jeans all the time. I keep the work outfit nice and simple by just throwing on a regular fit black t-shirt and finishing it off with some no show socks and the Old Skools. This outfit is great for work as it is on the smart casual side of my style but it is also great for meals out etc as it is just a different style away from my typical jeans or cargo pants which I wear a lot of these days. If I am wearing this out of work and for a meal or a days shopping I will usually add a nice silver necklace and ring into this outfit just to add another layer to the outfit. 

As soon as it is even close to being warm enough for shorts I am in them as much as possible and I have the perfect outfit option for these sneakers when the weather gets to this point. I still wear dark clothing in the warm weather although I am changing that this year, one outfit I couldn't get rid of though it this one as it is so simple yet so comfortable, I feel myself in it and I don't get paranoid about people looking at me or anything even if it is a bit more fitted than other outfits I wear. Obviously we have the Old Skools and no show socks in this outfit again but this time we have my old faithful black denim shorts which unfortunately I don't think I will be fitting in next year so I need to find a replacement pair if anyone has any recommendations? I then simply finish the outfit with my trusty old Vans t-shirt which again I don't think I will be wearing much longer as it is getting a bit too baggy on me now. If the temperature does drop I usually throw on a black hoodie with this just to keep the colour scheme flowing. I really do love this outfit and I think it is one I am going to try keep in my wardrobe as long as possible so I need to find some new black denim shorts and a new Vans t-shirt. 

So there you go those are the go to outfits with my Old Skools when the weather starts to get warmer. I think this year though they are going to be worn a whole lot more than previous as they will go well with a lot of my new pairs of shorts and cargos. I am pretty excited to be styling them in different ways too as I think it is going to be a fun experience trying new combinations. I just hope I don't end up absolutely wrecking them this year as I have already spent a fair bit on new sneakers this year with more purchases lined up.

What is your favourite way to style the Vans Old Skools in the warmer weather? 

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