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Well May was a strange month, one minute it looked like it was going to be a quiet month but then things picked up and it suddenly ended up quite busy at some points. My plan of saving as much as possible didn't work out either as I ended up going on a fair few unplanned shopping trips where things ended up catching my eye and I caved in plus I really struggled with my wardrobe through the month as 90% of the items I own are now too big for me so I wanted to get stocked up on some bits that actually fit me for my upcoming holiday. I definitely went a bit overboard with my spending this month but looking back at what I picked up I am happy with what I spent for a change. So here is what I bought in the month of May...

I am really trying to spend some time just switching off and relaxing so when I saw this Pokemon colour and draw book I had to pick it up especially with it only being £2. I love Pokemon and I love drawing & colouring so fingers crossed this will help me put my phone down and do something different. 

We are going away soon and I had been looking at packing cubes on Amazon just to make the whole process of sorting outfits out that bit easier but they were on the expensive side of things so I never purchased any. I came across these smaller ones in Poundland though and picked up 5, one for each day I am away. I am really hoping they are big enough to fit my outfits in as it will make getting ready on a morning so much easier. 

As you will see towards the end of the post I ended up getting some new sneakers and one thing I hate is when new sneakers start to crease. That is why I got these Crep Shields in the hopes that my sneakers will stay looking box fresh for much longer. These are £10 a pack but honestly I want them for all my more expensive sneakers just to keep them looking fresh for longer. 

I am really taking this health and fitness journey a lot more seriously lately and that is being reflected in my progress. A lot of people recommended this game to me and I had to pick it up especially with us going away as it means I can still get some challenging workouts completed without the equipment I would usually use. This game definitely seems like it is going to help keep my journey interesting and I can't wait to get playing it properly.

Just the one football shirt this month and it is thanks to the shirt being a collaboration with the site I write for that I ended up purchasing it. I absolutely love what Since 71 and Kit & Bone have done with this shirt and I am really looking forward to wearing it as it is totally different to other shirts in my collection.

I have followed Zack on Instagram for a while now and he has been super supportive of me whilst I have been on this fitness journey so when he posted his new merch I knew I had to pick a few bits up. I opted for this t-shirt and cap and I am really looking forward to getting plenty of wear out of these items as the quality is fantastic plus the cap is much needed. 

A bit of a random one but recently we went to our local Nike store and they had these Nike sports bras reduced right down in price. Granted they are a bit tight on me at the moment but they are going to fit me sooner rather than later. I ended up getting both the black and white versions as I thought they looked really nice and comfortable. Fingers crossed they do fit me soon as I have always wanted to try the Nike sports bras. 

Honestly I can never have too many pairs of Nike sports socks, they are what I wear the most as they are really comfortable and although they might be on the pricey side they do last quite a long time. I ended up picking up these two packs from the Nike store as they had money off so only cost around £6 a pack. These were much needed as I haven't bough the ankle length ones for a while and I know I will be wearing these for most of the summer.

By now you all know how hooked on 1/4 zip tops I am so when I saw this one for a big discount in the Nike store there was no way I was leaving it behind. I have wanted a Nike 1/4 zip for a while but didn't want to pay the ridiculous prices that they often charge. This is the perfect fit and I just wish they also had a grey version of it too.

Finally from the Nike store I got the simple cuffed sweatpants. As I say my clothes are all getting a bit too big for me now so I have had to restock the essentials lately and black sweatpants were one of the areas where I needed to buy new. I got these out of the women's department surprisingly and they fit really nice. They are going to be perfect for lounging around in all year round and at around £11 they are a total bargain.

Not content with just having the Nike socks this month I also purchased these sports socks from Primark which are nice and cushioned. I realised I could do with some full length socks for my workouts and these ones ticked all the boxes. For just £1 a pair even if they get worn out pretty quickly I won't mind having to replace them, I just wish they did them in other colours too. 

When I was out with my parents I came across this pink Nike set but unfortunately they didn't have my size and they weren't too keen on it. But as soon as I got home I had to start looking online for it but unfortunately nowhere had it, I ended up heading to my local JD where they had plenty in stock in my size so I ended up picking up both the t-shirt and shorts to ensure I had the co-ordinate set. This fits perfect and is going to be great for running, home workouts and football giving it extra value for the money. 

When I was picking out the pink set I also came across this black and red one. This is much more subtle so of course I had to purchase this one too so that I had plenty of options when it came to what I could wear for my workouts these days. Again this fits really well and the subtle colours create the perfect outfit. They do a 1/4 zip and some tracksuit bottoms in this colourway too so I think they could be future purchases if they are still available when I need them. 

All of my jeans are starting to get way too big for me so it was time to purchase some new ones. With the weather getting better I didn't fancy buying any black ones just yet so I went for this blue pair which isn't too light or dark it is just the perfect shade for me. I have found that Sainsbury's is the best place for me to buy jeans these days and they do last a long time. For £16 I am hoping they last me a while with the way I am losing weight at the moment. 

I have also wanted some new grey jeans for the longest time as my previous ones were absolutely huge on me. Again I managed to find the perfect pair for me in Sainsbury's and at £16 they seem like a bargain after how long it has taken me to find them. Again I really hope they last me a while though as they didn't have many grey pairs in stock and they are definitely difficult to find. 

I was in desperate need of some new t-shirts too as my current ones just didn't feel comfortable as they didn't fit right. Instead of spending a fortune like I usually would I opted for some of the £2.50 graphic t-shirts from Primark and I am surprised at the quality of them. This prospect one looks like a Supreme imitation but it is going to work so well with a lot of my wardrobe. 

I also found this red t-shirt in the £2.50 section and as soon as I saw what it said I knew I had to get it. I am moving forward in my weight loss journey which is why I needed to purchase it in the first place so it just made sense. For the price it is pretty good quality and even when it no longer fits me I can wear it for lounging in at that price. 

Finally I picked up this future printed t-shirt again for just £2.50. This is another design that looks like it could be found on a high end designer t-shirt but at just £2.50 if I get a few months wear out of it I am going to be very happy. This is going to look great with my cargo shorts this summer and I am really looking forward to styling it.

Yes I know these were in a new in post a few months ago but I loved them that much I went and got them in a size smaller too so that I could continue to wear them when I had lost that bit more weight. I am surprised at how well they fit me already though and I really can't wait for the weather to sort itself out so I can get wearing these. 

Did I need anymore sneakers? Nope definitely not but could I resist these Adidas Forums on sale? Nope definitely not. I have been looking at these for ages now and kept debating on whether to get them or not so when I saw them on sale I caved and picked them up. I am lacking in black & white sneakers and these tick all the boxes for what I wanted. Now the question is do I keep the velcro on them or remove that part.

Finally after literally months of searching I have managed to get myself some brand new Nike Air Force 1's. My old pair are absolutely wrecked so I have wanted new ones for ages but unfortunately it has taken me this long to finally find some in my size. These have come at the right time though as it means I will be taking shiny new trainers away with me rather than the beat up old ones.

So there you go that is everything I bought throughout the month of May, I am so glad I finally have a nice new pair of Air Force ones as they are well overdue and I am also glad that I finally have some clothes that fit me properly rather than being hung off me like my old clothes are at the moment. I definitely need to get back to saving now though so fingers crossed this post isn't as long in June. 

What was your favourite purchase from the month of May?

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