April 2022 Favourites

Seriously where has April gone? This year is going by far too fast for my liking and surprisingly what I thought would be a quiet start to the year has turned into a really busy one. Fingers crossed though it is going to be slowing down a bit in May and June though because it is already looking crazy from July on wards. April has been a strange month as I have been constantly busy but haven't got much to show for it. The month was packed with football, birthdays and bank holidays though so I guess that is where all the chaos started, I am just hoping for a few more free nights now though so I can actually get working on some other things. April was a month of new and old favourites so let's have a look at what made the cut...


Shorts Season

Finally after what feels like forever the weather has started to change and I can finally get back to wearing shorts all the time. I love wearing shorts whether it is whilst out and about or whilst lounging around the house or garden so as the temperatures have got a bit better the shorts have been brought out of storage and a lot more pairs have been purchased. If I am at home in anything other than shorts from now on then something is seriously wrong. even the workout shorts have been brought out of retirement. 


Football season coming to an end

This is a bit strange to be writing but one of my favourites of the month has to be the football season coming to an end, not because of the games ending although I will have a lot more free time once the seasons are done, but for the fact that the leagues are getting interesting a lot of the leagues I watch are closer than ever before and some teams are also battling for survival. I don't know if it is because it is the first season us fans are back or if it is due to another reason but it is so good to watch. Plus we have all the finals coming up and all the off season transfer sagas. 


Office area coming together

 Finally after a few more tweaks the office area in the spare room is finally coming together and it has been so useful so far. This area has been great for working on things with no distractions but it has also been great for taking blog images as the new overhead camera mount has come in so handy. I have even started making reels for Instagram in this area and it has been great and I look forward to making a whole lot more very soon.   

Health & fitness

Being able to do things again

I had my surgery in March and honestly it was a nightmare not been able to do anything however, towards the end of April I finally got cleared for working out again. It has been great slowly getting back into doing things that are going to help my health and fitness journey and seeing my steps starting to increase and clothes starting to get bigger is brilliant. Now I am all healed I am really hoping I can push on to make a big difference in myself this year.

So there you have it those are my favourites from April. What are your favourites from April 2022? 

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