How I am changing my workout plan for the warm weather...


Now that the weather is warming up I think I might go back to what I did in the first lockdown in 2020... outdoor workouts. I absolutely loved just heading outside daily and working out the best I could as it meant not only was I getting my daily workout in but I was also getting out in the fresh air and also enjoying the outdoor space we have at home which was great as it was just a bit of different scenery. It would be great to get out after work and get back into the habit of being outdoors a lot more and especially on a weekend when I have no reason to be sat inside all day. So I plan on taking my workouts outdoors and here is what I am hoping to incorporate into my weekly plan...

Online Coach Plan

Of course I am going to be continuing to work with my online coach throughout this period as I am still nowhere near where I want to be on my journey. The workouts in the plans involve weights and body weight exercises so I can very easily take these out into the garden to make the most of the weather and get my full workout done at the same time. I think being outdoors for these could be pretty beneficial too as the house often gets far too warm as I found out during the lockdown's when I started doing the workouts. 


Part of my plan also includes running so I am really excited to get going properly with that and I know that the warmer weather is going to help me keep up to this and going more often. The warmer weather and lighter evenings always bring me a boost of motivation and productivity so I am planning on capitalising on that and getting on a few runs each week, granted they won't be long ones but it is still better than nothing. 


We got really good at walking most weekends the other year and then we just stopped however, now the weather is improving I am determined to get out for one long walk each weekend, if we can add a few on evenings that will be an added bonus but even if we just do every Sunday morning it is better than nothing. 


This is something I tried a few times but then I lost my skipping rope, I have found it now though so fingers crossed I can get back into doing this daily as I felt so good when I had skipping in my routine before. I used to just do 15 minutes a day out in the back garden and I absolutely loved it so if I could do that again I think it will definitely help the pounds drop off me and it should help me out a fair bit cardio wise too. 


Fingers crossed we get our side garden sorted out very soon as I am going to be having this as a bit of a football training for myself. I have the equipment ready to go but the garden just needs a good tidy and sort out. It feels great to have a football at my feet so I am aiming for a few hours a week just working on different training drills and I think the nephew could have fun doing this too. In the past the drills have helped me burn a lot of calories so fingers crossed it will do again. I am also hoping to get back to 5 a side which would be a fantastic weekly workout.


Obviously this isn't going to be an outdoor workout but during the warm weather I will still be aiming to attend my weekly boxing class as I am still loving attending this. It makes me feel great and the benefits of going have been unbelievable. On top of these classes though we now have a punch bag at home so I will be planning on dragging that into the garden every now and then just to get an extra session in when I can.

Basketball (Added bonus)

I am still working on getting a basket ball hoop in the garden and fingers crossed I can get one this year as it would definitely be an added bonus for me. I think it would be fun just to spend some time outdoors shooting some hoops and enjoying a sport I am really starting to get into plus it could provide some good challenges for me and Liam to compete against each other with. 

I am really hoping that everything goes to plan and I can spend a whole lot more time outdoors this year and that the time I spend outdoors will really help me along with my fitness and weight loss journey as I am hoping to make a really big difference this year in my journey. I definitely need to spend a lot more time outdoors overall and this is workout plan is going to be a big help in that. 

Do you enjoy working out? 

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