How I have found adding colour to my wardrobe

For many years now I have avoided having any colour in my wardrobe and I will be honest this was for a variety of reasons but my wardrobe was starting to look very miserable and to be honest I was just getting sick of how it looked as it showed no personality or anything and I was bored. I decided at the start of the year though that I was going to start adding more colour into my wardrobe and experiment with my clothing rather than just sticking to the same colours over and over again like I have been doing. 

In recent years I have tend to opt for a wardrobe full of black or grey clothing with the occasionally red or navy bits thrown into the mix. These were what I considered my comfort colours, the colours I didn't feel out of place in and where for once I felt comfortable. With how long it was going on it is safe to say buying only these colours just fell into place and I didn't bother changing anything as I wanted to feel comfortable over anything else but it always just seemed to be plain and boring. 

My biggest issue with trying different coloured clothing was my size. The only black and grey clothing started when I put on a lot of of weight and it was my safety net. I thought if I wore any other colour it would make peoples eyes fall on me and I didn't want attention being brought to my body which I hated more than anything. I avoided light colours as I felt you could see all the lumps and bumps I hated through them and I didn't feel comfortable at all. I felt like wearing black and grey just helped me blend into the background where I could get by with no attention being drawn to me. 

Now I am starting to lose weight though I decided enough was enough and that I needed to make a change and stop being boring with my clothing. It was time to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with colours to see what made sense to me and what didn't. I really wanted to broaden my horizons to see what I could get away with wearing and what colours worked in the style I wanted to aim for and so far with me pushing myself it is safe to say this little adding colour challenge is definitely working and I am finally being adventurous when it comes to my style and the clothing colours I am picking. 

Just 5 months into the year and even without losing too much weight just yet (we are slowly getting there though) I am finally starting to incorporate a variety of colours I would usually avoid into my wardrobe and I am actually wearing those clothes rather than just leaving them untouched. I never thought of buying t-shirts in white, pink, light blue or orange but now these are the colours I seem to gravitate towards the most and I actually really look forward to styling these clothes the most now. 

One of the biggest challenges has been working out what colours work the best with other items in my wardrobe however, although it is challenging it has also been fun as it has felt like a bit of an experiment and learning about the colour combinations has actually been an interesting, eye opening process. Granted getting outfits put together takes a little longer than before as I am still working out what works best but it is all a learning curve that I am enjoying at the moment. The best part has definitely been learning what goes well with each of my pairs of sneakers and it has also helped me wear some pairs that I might have otherwise neglected. I have even had my eyes opened to brands I might have often skimmed straight over as their plain colours didn't catch my eye but their bolder statement pieces definitely have and it has been nice to give them a try or at least add to my wish list for when I have dropped a bit more weight. 

Now that I am getting more confident and my body confidence is improving as my weight drops and body changes I think I am going to try experiment with even more colours that I haven't tried yet and also with the styles of clothing I wearing. What I am more excited for though is dressing for seasons rather than just wearing the same colours over and over. Now in summer I can actually dress in lighter clothing and not feel like I am melting in all black, in spring I can wear clothes that are a lot lighter in colour and overall I can just feel much better with my clothing options rather than opening my wardrobe and just seeing a miserable looking colour pallet of clothing.  

I am really excited to develop my confidence a lot more and improve my wardrobe as I am starting to size down as I am finally getting to a stage where I am willing and actually wanting to make changes to my wardrobe alongside experimenting with my style a whole lot more than I have previously. I think times are definitely changing for me when it comes to clothing and I can't wait to see how it all goes.

Do you like adding colour to your wardrobe or do you keep it plain and simple? 

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