My must have items for Spring...


Ah Spring, a time of year I enjoy as it means the football season is getting to the interesting part as teams fight for survival or the title but it is also a time where I get out of the house a bit more too thanks to the weather changing, sometimes for the better as it begins to warm up however, the spring season does bring plenty of rain with it where I live. Something I really do enjoy though in spring is piecing outfits together, I spend a lot more time putting together the best outfits as I can as the change in weather just makes it a bit more enjoyable for me and it works better for what I already have in my wardrobe. Now that I have settled on a style that works the best for me I think this spring is going to be much more enjoyable as I am going to know what style I am aiming for each day rather than spending time just staring into my wardrobe scratching my head wondering what I fancy wearing that day. So now I do know that style I am aiming for here are the items I am going to make sure I have in my wardrobe ready for the spring season...

Plain T-Shirts

These are an essentials for me for every season as I love them under my hoodies or I can have them under an opened checked shirt or smarter looking shirt which I usually wear for work. The plain t-shirts I buy are from Marks & Spencer's men's department and I love them, they are a bit more expensive than the Primark ones I used to buy however, they are a bit thicker and fit me nicer so that bit extra doesn't matter. I try to always make sure I always have a few black, grey and navy blue t-shirts in my wardrobe so I always have an option

Printed T-Shirts 

I went off printed t-shirts for a while but now I am back to absolutely loving them as they fit my style a whole lot better especially when teamed up with some cargo pants. I don't just stick to short sleeved ones though as I have a fair few long sleeved ones in my wardrobe thanks to Primark & River Island. I don't just buy these for the sake of it now though and I actually consider if the print is going to go with my style or not, that giant Puma logo isn't going to fit my style but the Jordan one will, I have just learnt to make better choices with the prints rather than buying on the cheap. 

Checked Shirts

You will all know by now I absolutely love checked shirts and happily wear them almost all year round and spring is no exception, in fact I probably wear them more in spring than I do in winter. I tend to get the thinner ones from H&M for spring as they are great for wearing open or under a nice jacket in the cooler weather. I also try to go for lighter colours rather than the dark reds and blacks I would opt for in the autumn months. I am not sure how often I will wear them this spring but it is always good to have them as an option. 


I used to only ever wear sweatshirt when it was really cold however, I now have a couple of sweatshirts I am very happy to wear all year round so I know that in spring I will be wearing these and also adding a few new ones into my ever growing collection. At the moment it looks like I have a thing for red sweatshirts as that is all I have but I am planning on adding some more soon in a few different colours that will work well with the rest of my wardrobe. I think I might have to look at getting some plain sweatshirts and a few more printed ones. 


We all know by now that hoodies are an all year round thing for me, no matter what the weather I will either have a hoodie on or one by my side just in case I feel like I am getting a bit cold. I like to have a variety of hoodies at all times which vary in thickness and colours as well as either being plain or printed as this just means all choices are covered when it comes to getting ready for the day. I think I definitely know which hoodies will be the most worn during the spring though. 

Denim Jacket

Ah spring the time that the light denim jacket gets dusted off and worn far too often. I actually avoided denim jackets for a fair few years but now I count down to the spring when I can bring my light coloured one out and style it with items of my wardrobe I wouldn't usually reach for daily. The denim jacket is perfect for those warmer days where just need a bit of extra protection against any slight chills. I spent a total of £15 on my denim jacket and it is still going strong 2 days later.


I stay away from all my thicker coats in the spring as I definitely prefer to layer up rather than just rely on my big coat at least then if I get warm I can just take either the windbreaker or hoodie off and still stay warm rather than being in just a t-shirt. I definitely prefer sporty style windbreakers such as my Nike ones as again they go with a lot of my outfit options and keep the outfit looking good. 


Now most people will think I am made for this as it is still pretty cold in spring however, I love lounging around in my jersey shorts even when it is a little colder plus we do sometimes get warmer days especially towards the end of spring and on those days I will usually be in some denim shorts or even jersey ones if I am going for a more relaxed look.


I seem to reserve my chinos for spring and summer as I think due to the colours this is when they work the best. I didn't wear them as much as I would have hoped last year which was mainly down to me not going out as much to places where they would have been suitable. I am determined though that this year I am going to make more of an effort to wear my chinos and style them in different ways as I think I could create some great smarter looking outfits with them. 

Cargo Pants

It is no secret that I am absolutely loving cargo pants at the moment, whether they are my green ones or my black ones I am opting to wear them outside of work rather than my jeans. These pants just give my outfits the style I am aiming for and fit me much nicer than most of my jeans do these days. The cuffed bottoms on these pants are one of my favourite parts of them and I am hoping that I can find some more pairs of these when my current ones don't fit me. 


When I aren't in my cargo pants I am more than likely to be wearing some form of jeans, previously I would stick to wearing skinny jeans however, these days I tend to be opting for straight leg jeans that just look a little bit baggier as again I think these fit my style a bit better plus I feel a lot more comfortable in these. In spring I tend to move into lighter coloured denim when it comes to jeans as I think it just looks better with the weather changing plus it is just a bit different from the other seasons.

Tracksuit Bottoms 

If I am at home and not in shorts you will find me living in my tracksuit bottoms as comfort is key for me all year round. I have taken to wearing my grey tracksuit bottoms a lot more frequently and I think for more relaxed days in the spring these with a hoodie and a good pair of sneakers could very easily become a common outfit for me as they just make me feel so comfortable. I definitely want to pick up a few more pairs of tracksuit bottoms in time for spring, maybe some black ones and obviously a few more grey pairs. 


I really need to get back into wearing my jewellery again and to be honest I think spring is going to be when I do so as I find that the jewellery I own goes with my spring outfits a bit better. I am making sure I have plenty of silver jewellery at my disposal this spring to pair up with my outfits and just add a bit more detail. I might even try to add a few new bits too in gold and rose gold just so I have a few more options available. 


In previous years I have been caught out in spring thanks to the sun and I wont be making that mistake again this year. A new essential for me is sunglasses, I am making sure I have plenty to hand so that my eyes are protected from the sun. I have picked up a few pairs recently in different styles so I will always have an option that looks great with the outfit I am wearing. My go to pair though are my prescription Ray Bans as they look great and doubly protect my eyes. 


You can't beat a hat no matter what the weather. I tend to stick to beanies especially on the colder days but every now and then I will throw a snap back or trucker hat into the mix. I never used to like wearing snap backs or trucker hats out in public but last year I really started to enjoy it so I think I will be adding a few more to my collection soon. I love my beanies but it is time to mix it up a little bit, my go to hats are a plain beanie, my Nike snap back or my Ralph Lauren hat but I think I am going to add some more Nike / Jordan ones this year. 


Spring is the time when I start to bring back the trainer socks and no show socks back into rotation as these just work a lot better with my outfits. In the winter I tend to go for higher topped sneakers whereas in spring I go for lower ones so I need it so my socks aren't on show as this can spoil the outfit I have found lately. I also tend to opt for white sport socks in the spring too as they are more comfortable in some of my sneakers and also good with some of the outfits I will be wearing as they kind of fit the style a bit better. 

So there you go those are my essentials for the spring and I will definitely be making sure that I have all these items filling up my wardrobe so that I have everything I need for the full season to create the best outfits I can. I am really looking forward to getting ready on a morning as I really think that these essentials are going to make getting ready a whole lot of fun. Remember the essential sneakers are in their own post as there were a few too many for me to add onto this one. 

Keep an eye on social media to see what outfits I do come up with as I play around with what I have in my wardrobe. 

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