April 2022 New In

Well April certainly turned into a busy one with days out and birthdays filling up most of the month plus trips to watch the football. Honestly there wasn't much time for shopping but when I did go I tried to be good and only purchase the things that I really needed rather than spending money on items I really didn't need. I am enjoying this whole thinking about things before buying items as it is definitely helping me cut out those purchases that are not needed, granted a few items on this list weren't 100% required but sometimes you just have to treat yourself especially if you know it wont be a waste in the long run. 

My mum bought and customized this budget envelope folder for me as she knows I am trying my best to get saving. At the moment it only has a few envelopes in it but I am trying my best to think of other ideas so let me know if you have any. I am hoping that really does help me stay on track and not go overboard like I previously have as I know now over the years I have spent for the sake of it.

I didn't plan on going to the comic book shop in April as when I do I never leave empty handed. I took my nephew in though to pass a bit of time and of course it was another Spider-Man graphic novel I purchased. I love these ones and they are pretty inexpensive so I love adding a new one to the collection every time I visit the shop. The collection of these is definitely growing and I am sure that wont change anytime soon. 

As soon as Camila Cabello announced her new album I knew I would be buying a physical copy just like I did with Demi Lovato's. I am glad I bought this version as the CD comes with some art cards plus the cassette is the perfect addition to my very small collection so far. Plus the added bonus is the album is absolutely fantastic. 

Liam treated me to Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the Switch. I had my eye on this game since it was announced so to finally get it and have the chance to play it is fantastic and I am really looking forward to finally jumping into this game. The free notebook we got with the game is a nice added bonus too and will come in very handy. 

I finally treated myself to a new knee support and I am glad I can finally move away from my other one which is starting to feel a bit old and worn out as the velcro is slightly less sticky than before. I am looking forward to trying this one and seeing what sort of support it gives me when running, boxing and doing weighted workouts.

One of my new workouts on my plan includes an exercise where I need to gradually slide one leg at a time and honestly I don't have much space in the house to do this so I picked up these core sliders to hopefully help me out a bit when it comes to the exercise in question. These weren't too bad at £10 and I am looking forward to seeing if they actually help me. 

Another treat from Liam was this CK One Summer perfume, my original bottle of CK One had run out and it is one of my absolute favourites so when I mentioned it had run out he asked if I wanted a new bottle. When looking though I cam across this version of the perfume and I am so glad I did as it is gorgeous and is going to be perfect for the warmer months. Plus it came with a free wash bag which always comes in handy and I am sure I will be using it very soon. 

Now this was the only random purchase of the month and I didn't plan on actually buying them but as soon as I saw them there was no way I was leaving Primark without them. Growing up I absolutely loved the Powerpuff girls and I am loving seeing them on more products in stores although it does make me want to go back and watch the show from the beginning again.

I wanted to treat myself to some new sunglasses ready for the nicer weather and I found some perfect pairs in Primark (one pair is not pictured) I got two round pairs just as something different and I absolutely love them and how they fit my style. For to pairs I pair around £5 and hopefully they will last me a while. Now I just need the sun to start coming back out.

I noticed a while back that I only seem to own snap backs when it comes to summer head wear so I wanted to try change that a bit this year and starting adding more dad/trucker style caps into my rotation. When I was in Primark I came across this navy blue Chicago Bulls one and seen as I already own a lot of that range I thought I would make the purchase. It actually fits really well and I am sure I will get plenty of wear out of it. 

Most of the t-shirts in my wardrobe no longer fit me and it is driving me mad so now when I am out and about I am just looking for some cheaper ones that will look nice in the summer and into the cooler months. I have a black long sleeved version of this t-shirt and I love the blue short sleeve version so there was no way I was leaving it behind. I already have so many styles in mind for this outfit. 

I am still trying to add colour into my wardrobe and I am loving this £6 Primark t-shirt as it is definitely a step out of my comfort zone. The print and tie dye on this is fantastic and I am really looking forward to styling this as the weather warms up even more. I am hoping to find a few more like this as I think for the price they will be good to keep me going until I get another t-shirt size down.  

I wasn't originally going to get these as I thought that they looked a bit like school shorts but I tried them on and I love them. They are smarter than the other shorts I go for so will be better for the smarter days but at the same time they don't look too smart so will go with most of my wardrobe. They are a bit thicker too and a good length so lets hope they last me the whole of the summer.

I ended up getting some similar shorts to the ones above as I loved them that much. These ones are in a stone/khaki colour though that is a bit different to what I would usually wear but again it is time to get out of that comfort zone and try new things. These are the perfect length and fit for me and I have a feeling I may only get one summer out of them so fingers crossed I get to wear them plenty of times and they do them again next year.

I restocked my essential jersey shorts too as my others were getting a bit too big and for £4.50 a pair you can't go wrong. I ended up with a black pair and a grey pair but honestly I could have got many more and who knows I might end up opting for more as the warmer months progress. These seem a bit shorter than my previous ones but they still feel and look perfect for me. 

You will see from now on in the post that cargos have taken over massively in my wardrobe and I can't see that changing anytime soon. These utility shorts were an instant purchase as soon as I found them and they are just what I wanted for the summer granted they are swim shorts but I will be wearing these as much as possible. I got them in an XL as I thought they might be tight fitting however, I am now on the look out for these in a large as I think by the height of summer a large might be better fitting. 

Oh look another pair of cargos. I got these a few month back in black and absolutely love them so I have hunted high and low and finally found a pair in grey in my size. I absolutely love the colour of these and the fit is fantastic. They have quickly become a staple piece in my wardrobe and honestly I am tempted to buy them in every size so as I lose weight I can always have a pair that fits. 

Finally we have a nice pair of black cargo joggers. I wasn't originally going to get these as I didn't think I needed them but after thinking about it I knew they would come in handy all year round for me as you can't beat a comfy pair of joggers. These are a bit more fitted then other pairs I own especially around the calves but I love them and again I was tempted to get them in a medium just in case so that I always had a pair to hand. I would love a pair similar to these in grey so let me know any suggestions of where I might find them.

I am quite proud of how I managed my money through April and I think I can do even better throughout May as other than maybe a few bits for my holiday in June I really don't need anything, there might be a few treats here and there but I won't be going overboard like I have in the past. If I wasn't losing this weight I would probably end up saving an absolute fortune as at the moment I just seem to be buying clothes that actually fit me but I guess it will all be worth it in the long run. Let's see if we can make May a month of saving. 

What was your favourite pick up from the month? 

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