I Have Found The Perfect Sneakers For Me

You will all know by now that I love buying sneakers however, I usually stick to buying them in the sales so I save some money on my purchases, some sneakers though you just can't wait for them dropping in price and these Nike Dunks were that pair for me. Just before Christmas my mum sent me an image of them in our local Footlocker and jokingly said she needed them as they are our football teams colours, what she didn't realise though is that in that same week I would be going to the store and purchasing them for myself... there was no way I was missing out on these. 

I have wanted a pair of Dunks for a long time now but they always sell out so quickly and the resale price for the ones I want is always ridiculously high so I have been put off but the fact this colourway is my first pair and at retail cost just makes everything better, it is almost like it was meant to be. 

The sneakers are super comfortable and the fit is perfect for me so they are definitely worth the £110 I paid for them. I even picked up some crease defenders just to try keep them crease free for a lot longer and fingers crossed I can keep them in great condition for years to come as they are by far my favourite pair of sneakers at the moment. I was honestly a bit worried when buying them that they wouldn't go with a right lot in my wardrobe but here are the two outfits I have created with them so far... 

First up we have my favourite outfit and honestly the reason I bough the sneakers. I love our football clubs colours and I wear them quite often whether it is game day or not so I knew these sneakers would work well with them. Through this seasons away shirt into the mix you have a near perfect match that looks great on top and bottom. The shirt compliments the sneakers really well and just keeps the colour way flowing. Team these up with my cargos or even some black slim fitting tracksuit bottoms and you are onto a winner in my eyes. 

The second outfit is pretty similar as I will wear either my black cargos or my Nike tracksuit bottoms which are black and fit a lot better than baggier ones and this time I team them up with a nice Nike track jacket. I love this jacket as it is nice and fitting whilst keeping it simple with the colours as there is only some small white detailing on the jacket. I really do believe Nike are putting out some great pieces at the moment and a lot more Nike is going to be going into my wardrobe over the next few months and possibly throughout the rest of the year. 

It is safe to say these sneakers add a brilliant pop of colour to the outfits they are paired with and I am really looking forward to creating more outfits with these sneakers in the near future and I think they could become most worn in the summer months as I have quite a few ideas in mind for them but we will have to see if those come together or not. Fingers crossed this isn't my only pair of Dunks either as there are so many others I would love to get my hands on. 

How would you style these Nike Dunks? 

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