How I am trying to change my diet as a fussy eater


For as long as I can remember I have been a very fussy eater, some foods I refuse to eat what so ever, some it would take a lot to get me to try and other I used to love but for some reason I will no longer go near them. Compared to other members of my family though I aren't too bad as them and we can go anywhere and I will find a handful of items that I will eat even if some bits need removing from my plate. 

I am not sure where it all stems from but I just tend to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to food and opt to have what I know I will like rather than trying new foods, it is why most weeks our meals are more or less identical there is not really much variation and my plate looks pretty plain and lacking in colour which I know isn't good for me. 

When it comes to fruit I stick to what I know I will like and very rarely try anything different but even then I tend not to eat a right lot of fruit as I have never been fully keen on any of the items I do have. If I do buy fruit it is apples, grapes, strawberries and blueberries but those are all I go for and as I said I don't necessarily like them. Similarly I aren't a fan of veg either and I will have brocolli, cauliflower and carrots if I really have to but I won't go out of my way to add them to my diet. Now that I am on this weight loss journey though I know I need to start adding a lot more fruit and veg into my diet and it is going to be one of the things I try to change most over the coming months, I want to try more fruit & veg and incorporate it into my meals so maybe if I am having a burger I can add a bit of lettuce etc just to give it a go plus the burger might mask the taste of the the salad bits I am trying... I can hope right? 

As I say if I go out and order anything I will remove any traces of salad especially if it is a burger, just as I know it would go to waste but I want to try push myself more and try new things. It is textures that I really aren't a fan of but if I can push myself and get used to this then maybe menu options would be expanded for me and I can finally try things I have always avoided. I always seem to order the same things when I go out for food too so I want to change that and finally try different items on the menu rather than only ever having hunters chicken, a burger or gammon. I know there is so much I am missing out on and if I could just start trying new foods I could actually switch up what I eat when I go places and would probably end up finding new favourite meals at home. 

Obviously trying different foods whilst eating out could prove to be quite costly especially if I don't think I am going to like the items I am getting so I think the perfect place for me to start experimenting will be at home. This way it is just the cost for ingredients that would be wasted and I can make the recipes as cost effective as possible to stop this occurring. I always leave poor Liam in charge of the cooking but I want to try cook more meals different to our usual at home as it will help me try more new things but maybe me cooking it might make me appreciate it a bit more and also help me be happier to try it. I really do think me being more involved in the kitchen could make a big difference overall and it also means I can take inspiration from the cook books we own and rarely touch. Maybe 2 new meals a week could be a good thing to aim for and might help add new things into my diet. 

It is time for me to get out of the comfort zone and try new things to improve my health and help me along with my weight loss journey. Fingers crossed slow and steady changes are going to help my diet progress and I can finally try some meals I have previously been weary about.

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