April 2022 Fitness Update

April seems to have just disappeared in the blink of an eye and to be honest I am quite glad as it was a super busy month, too busy in fact but the end of it means life is going to be a bit more relaxed for a few months so I can try get everything in order in terms of setting up a good workout routine and getting my nutrition on track. April wasn't all bad though as I did manage to achieve a fair few things I set out to. So here is how my goals went for the month of April...

Lose 3lb 

As you will see I was just a little bit short on this one but to be honest it was always going to be a hard one to reach with the amount of stuff I had going on. I am still happy with the small amount I lost though as a loss is a loss and I know that I can really push in May to get a bigger loss. 

Increase my daily steps 

With how busy I was I definitely hit this with my steps increasing. My post surgery recovery has gone really well and in April I managed to move a whole lot more and I have seen those steps go up day by day. I ma hitting my goal most days and I know that I can do even better in May thanks to how my recovery has gone and the progress I am making week in week out. 

Use the punch bag or exercise bike daily 

This started off quite well but then life got in the way as it got much busier and I was just struggling to find a spare half hour to do this. I was getting home far too late on an evening and leaving the house too early in a morning so it was a struggle. As you will see though I am aiming to redo this one in May as things quieten down and I think this time I can achieve it. 

Only two takeaways throughout the month

This was always a very unrealistic goal looking back on it now as I was not at home, didn't do food shops for half the month and just struggled to get the chance to stand and cook a meal. We definitely had far too many takeaways in April but that won't be happening again in May. 

Long walk every weekend

Oh look another goal that I set before I realised just how busy April was going to be. I was very hopeful that we would be able to achieve this but then the month came around and there was no chance. We managed a few quick walks before the football on a Sunday but that was it. We really need to block some time out in a routine to make this a non-negotiable as we actually enjoy the walks we go on. 

Go on 4 runs throughout the month

Unfortunately this was another goal we were unable to achieve and again it is just due to the lack of time we actually had in the month. If things were a little bit quieter I think we could have absolutely smashed this one but that lack of time really derailed everything when I look back on the month. I am putting in another running goal for the month of May though so lets hope I can smash this new one.

So here is how April looked on the scales...

Beginning of April weight: 15 stone 9 lb 

End of April weight : 15 stone 7 lb

Total loss for the month : - 2 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in May ...

- Get into the 14 stone bracket 
- Wake up at 5.30am on a weekday to do a workout
- Go on two runs a week
- Cook twice a week 
- Drink 2 ltrs of water minimum a day
- Use bike or punch bag daily

So there you go that is how April went and to be honest I aren't mad as a small loss is still a loss plus with how the month went I wasn't expecting a loss at all. I am really hoping to push on this month though as I think if all goes to plan I can make a really big difference in my journey and really see some progress especially now I am also back to boxing weekly. I am looking forward to seeing what changes I can make over the month of May so lets hope it all goes to plan and we have another loss to report on and a much bigger scale. 

Total loss for 2022 : - 6 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 9 lb

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