Trying To Stick To A Skincare Routine For 1 Month

I recently mentioned on the blog my current skincare products, these are all the products that are going to be helping me over the next month as I try to create a skincare routine that I am actually going to stick to and do daily instead of neglecting my skin like I have done lately. I have recently been told by my doctor that what I thought was just a small breakout was actually acne which knocked me back a bit as I honestly didn't think it was that bad but looking it a lot closer it definitely isn't just a small break out and I really need to take care of my skin a whole lot more and use the cream the doctors prescribed me as I should be doing. I have also ended up getting sunburn a few times already this year which I said I wouldn't , after last years incident I said I was going to take more care whilst out in the sun but that hasn't happened and my skin is bright red and very sore. 

So from today I am going to try stick to a skincare routine for 1 month to start with to try develop a healthy habit that I am going to stick to for a lot longer than the upcoming month. I am hoping that in that month I can develop a routine that is going to really benefit my skin and improve my acne too as I have found a bit of confidence has disappeared since the acne flared up.  So here is what routine I am going to try stick to...

On a morning I am now getting up and working out before I start my day the majority of days so once my workout is done I will jump in the shower. Before I jump into the shower though I will use a cleanser to help remove any product from the night before. Whilst in the shower I will give my face a good wash to just remove any remaining product and I will use the Simple face wash to do this. Once I am out of the shower I will then towel dry my face before applying my eye cream and either some suncream or my day time moisturizer. Once that is done I am ready to go for the day, if it is a particularly nice day I will also top up suncream throughout the day as and when it is required. 

On an evening just before I am ready to call it a night and go to bed I will be heading into the bathroom and applying my foam cleanser to help get ready of any products from during the day and any dirt that might have ended up building up whilst I have been out and about. I will follow up that with my face wash again just to make sure my face is as clean as it can be before I dry it and finish off my routine with my cream from the doctors that is meant to help with my acne breakout so fingers crossed it really does work. My night time routine is definitely going to be a nice simple one as I just can't wait to climb into bed at the end of the day. 

Along with doing these routines I am also planning on drinking a lot more water than I have been doing as I have been slacking in that area lately but when I have drunk a lot of water for a period of time in the past I have noticed my skin definitely improves. I know that this routine might not work for me straight away and a few things might need to be changed however, for now this is my starting point and fingers crossed when I am writing my round up post in 1 month time I can write about some great changes that have happened and that the condition of my skin has begun to improve too. 

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