The Current Home Gym Progress.. If You Can Call It That


Well after thinking long and hard since the end of last year when we cancelled our gym membership we have decided we aren't actually going to keep our gym just to turn it into a home gym although I would absolutely love to, we just would prefer a bit of extra garden space but you never know we could always end up changing our minds a little bit further a long the line or we could even end up back in the gym who knows. I think I could possibly get away with getting a bit of equipment for outdoors that could be stored in the shed but I will see how that plays out as the garden and shed definitely need sorting first before anything else is added. 

Even though we aren't having a dedicated area as a home gym we have plenty of equipment that we have acquired over the past few months to help me on my weight loss and fitness journey and each item is certainly coming in handy. I am using equipment that I would never have used if I was just in the gym as back then I would stick to just using the treadmill. So here is the equipment I have at the moment for the makeshift home gym... 

Resistance bands

I have a pretty good selection of resistance bands already and am looking to add to them as they are so helpful in my routine. I can use them instead of the weights if I like for certain exercises and to be honest at times I prefer using them as I feel like I am using the correct form and feeling what is happening. They are also fantastic for building up strength in my leg once more too and I am really feeling the benefits of it and my knee is actually feeling a bit better these days. 


I have gone from 2 tiny dumbbells to having a really good variety of weights to pick from so I can progress at last when weights start to get a bit easier for me. It means I can finally make some progress with my strength training and actually use weights as it is a section I definitely avoided when I went to the gym previously. It is nice to finally have a barbell too as it is something I have always wanted but never actually got until now. It is nice finally incorporating weights into my routine and I am definitely making the most of them. The weights we have go up to 25kg which is all I need at the moment but sooner or later I will probably end up buying even more. I want to add more kettlebells too as I currently only have 1 low weight one. 

Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is what started all this really and I am so glad we purchased it. I use it whilst I am watching TV which is great as it just means I am moving about instead of just laying around. It is nice and lightweight too which is another bonus as I can use it anywhere in the house if I like and who knows I might even take it outside as the weather improves. The bike is one of the pieces of equipment I enjoyed most in the gym so to have it at home now is fantastic. 

Rowing Machine

I managed to rescue an old rowing machine from my dads offices which he had at his house years ago. To be honest this isn't a piece of equipment I use too often as it still hurts my knee when I use it however, I know Liam does use this a fair bit. Again this is something I can move around easily so it can be used indoors or outdoors and I know that as soon as my knee gets better I will be on this a lot more as it might be a basic machine but I love it. 

Ab Roller 

I picked up an ab roller towards the end of last year and to be honest I haven't used it half as much as I would have liked due to not really knowing what to do with it. I am determined to use it a whole lot more though over the next few months as I think this simple piece of equipment could actually be very beneficial. 

Skipping Rope 

The skipping rope was a bit of an impulse buy that I haven't got much use out of yet but I have got plans to incorporate it into my workout routine a whole lot more especially now the weather is warming up and it isn't raining as often I can get out in the garden do a bit of skipping and see how it helps my journey as I have heard it can be very beneficial. 

Foam Roller

I picked up a foam roller after a recommendation from my old physio and I am so glad it did. It really helps me when I start to feel the pain in my knee and just a quick session especially after a tough day of working out or over using my leg can really help it from hurting it as much the next day.

Nintendo Switch Boxing

Surprisingly I managed to pick up a new game for the Switch before Christmas which was a fantastic buy which I just need to incorporate into my routine more. The game is Fitness Boxing 2 which definitely puts you through your paces and makes you work up a sweat for sure. I didn't really think it would be any good but it has certainly surprised me and I can't wait to get playing it more often. 

There is plenty of equipment in the house at the moment to really help me get my weight loss and fitness journey going but like with everything I would love to add more things to push myself more and try new things as I often get fed up of the same things over and over and I know there are some things that I could really end up enjoying so here are the bits of equipment I would love to add to my little home gym if you can call it that...

Yoga Mat

This is something I definitely need to pick up soon as I think it would really help my back etc when I am doing my home workouts. Downstairs our floors are stone under the carpet so it isn't the nicest surface to be on and certain workouts can really hurt at times. I did have a yoga mat but it was so thin it was barely worth it and it kept ripping so a new thicker ones is on the to purchase soon list. 


The treadmill is probably what I miss the most about going to the gym as it was my favourite thing to go on. I would love to pick up a treadmill to use at home but right now space is definitely an issue so until I can find a small fold-able one at a good price this is at the bottom at the list to purchase. I would love to be watching the football whilst being on a treadmill instead of being sat on the bike. 

Punch Bag

Boxing is something I would love to give a go and is something I have wanted to give a go for a while now so I would love to have a punch bag even if it is just on a bracket in the garden or at the side of the house that we can move in and out of the shed to keep it from being ruined in the weather. I think if I got this I would end up hooked on it and using it a lot, fingers crossed I can convince Liam into letting me get one soon.

Pull Up Bar

The pull up bar has been added to my basket and removed so many times from my shopping basket so many times in the past few months as I have ended up being talked out of it however, I think it is something I am going to end up getting in the near future. I have literally 0 upper body strength but I would love to improve it and learn how to do a pull up so a bar either in a door way or on the side of the house could be great. 

Weights Bench    

I feel like I aren't getting the most out of my workouts with my weights as I am having to adapt so many exercises due to not having a bench. I think a bench could be very beneficial and it isn't really going to take up much space either which is an added bonus. They don't have to be expensive either with is brilliant. 

More Nintendo Switch Games

This might seem silly to people who are really into their fitness but I think that with how the boxing game is working for me others could help me too. I am looking at purchasing the Zumba game and Ring Fit Adventures as I know these have worked for others and it looks like it could be a really fun workout for me especially on those days where I don't want to exercise the fun of the games may make me more determined. 

So there you have it that is what our current 'home gym' is looking like and I am loving it, I have spent money on pieces but saved on a gym membership I didn't use which is great. Don't worry if I end up getting some more bits I will do an updated post in the future. What is your favourite piece of gym equipment?

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