Spring Items I Have To Have In My Wardrobe

In the past autumn was always my favourite season however the more I think about it I think over the past 2 years spring has become my favourite. I don't know what it is but I much prefer piecing together outfits for spring days than any other time of the year and when it comes to removing winter pieces from my wardrobe and getting ready for spring I just love it. I find that I feel more confident in spring too I don't know if that is due to what I wear or the weather in general but it is fantastic. 

When it comes to building my wardrobe for the spring season I have noticed over the years there are some items I always need to have as each year I find myself reaching for the same sort of things. So here are the items I seem to have to have in my wardrobe for the spring months... 

I make sure that I have plenty of plain t-shirts in my wardrobe all year round however, for spring I like to have some different colours so that I aren't wearing black all the time. I use the plain t-shirts to layer under shirts or hoodies if needed but they also look great for a basic outfit with my jeans or chinos. With me needing to buy some new plain t-shirts due to my size changing I have gone for a couple of colours I haven't had in a while like the sandy tone and navy blue one, I am also hoping to find some other nice colours to get me out of wearing black 24/7 and I think it is going to be a very welcomed change. 

I like to have a small selection of short sleeved shirts on hand for spring as it just gives a bit of a smarter look to your outfits instead of just having a t-shirt on all the time. I like to wear short sleeve ones in spring as on those days when it is a bit warmer a short sleeved shirt is much more comfortable for me than a long sleeved one. I wear these open with a t-shirt underneath or buttoned up and I love the style each way gives offs as one is smart whilst the other is smart casual. 

Living in the UK spring isn't always warm and there can be quite a chill in the air so I always have some thin sweatshirts on hand for those colder days. I work in a 200 year old building too which is always cold so having a sweatshirt on hand means I don't have to worry about being too cold whilst in the office. I also love how they look with my chinos too as I feel like it shouldn't work but it does. 

In Spring I also really enjoy wearing hoodies, well to be honest I like wearing these all year round but in Spring I seem to wear them much more. I tend to wear a hoodie and layer up instead of wearing a coat all the time as I prefer the look a good hoodie gives off, plus if I need to add a coat I can just throw one on over the top. Plus on warmer days I prefer just packing a hoodie into my bag if there is a chill. 

For me you can't go wrong with a good denim jacket in the spring especially if it is a lighter denim colour. I love how easy a denim jacket like this is to style and how comfortable it actually is. I tend to wear this more when I am wearing my chinos but it looks great with my jeans too. Plus another perk is that you can pick one up at a very reasonable price, this one was just £15 from Primark and it is fantastic. 

Living in the UK it can rain at any point which can definitely be learn the hard way, so many times I have been out in the sun and it has very quickly started raining that is why I make sure I always have a lightweight rain jacket that I can wear or have in my bag just in case. There are plenty of lightweight jackets out there to suit every style and they definitely come in handy and save you spending the day wet through from the rain. I always make sure I have one in my bag  if I don't head out in the day wearing one. 

In spring I try to avoid wearing black daily so I like to make sure that I have some lighter denim jean options in my wardrobe, I just feel good wearing something other than black and I feel like it switches up my style from other months. I definitely want to make more of an effort to transition out of black all the time and try new things and for me spring is a time to experiment with things a bit. 

I also make sure I have at least one pair of denim shorts to hand for spring as thanks to the UK weather you never know when they are going to be needed. The denim shirts are perfect for the warmer spring days as summer starts to approach and you will probably see me wearing them a lot as we get towards the end of spring and it starts to warm up. 

I love a good pair of chinos in the spring and I have loved these for probably far too long. I make sure I have a few pairs to hand in different colours so that I can get plenty of wear out of them for months on end. I have struggled to find chinos that fit me right however, my go to store for them are Next and Marks & Spencers as they fit really well and are also reasonably priced. Throughout spring I will be wearing the ones in the picture above and a lovely grey pair. 

White sneakers are a go to in the spring as the weather warms up. I have quite a few pairs to hand and they are totally plain, a bit smarter or have a pattern on them like the reacts in the above picture. I just find that white sneakers as the spring arrives make outfits look cleaner and fresher to go along with the weather. Plus with a bit of Crep Protect on the sneakers I can wear them in any weather. 

Sunglasses are a must for me in spring as the sun is out a lot more and I used to struggle in the past with my head hurting a lot as I was squinting to avoid the sun. These days I make sure I always have some sunglasses with me just to save myself from the headaches and protect my eyes a lot more than I used to. Plus sunglasses make an outfit look a whole lot better if the sunglasses are the correct shape for your face. 

No show socks are one of the first items I buy when it comes to restocking my wardrobe for spring as with the style of pants and sneakers I wear during the spring months I don't want my socks on show and downgrading my outfit. These are really reasonably priced too so I don't feel too bad when it comes to restocking them, these are just from Primark and they do the job really well. 

When it comes to spring I make sure that I go for a lighter fragrance over my usually heavy ones. I like my fragrance to match the weather so in the autumn and winter I go for something heavier however, in spring I like to go for something like the CK One fragrance which is much lighter but not too light for me.  

I am looking forward to having a shopping trip soon to add some more essentials into my wardrobe that are going to take me into the spring and even summer months as a lot of items I already own are getting a bit too big for me. I need to plan a day soon to just go through my wardrobe to see what I do or don't need to purchase so I aren't wasting money and buying stuff I don't actually need. What are some of your go to items each spring? 

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