My Current Training Plan


Over past year my biggest focus has become working on myself especially in terms of weight loss and fitness. I have set myself a pretty big goal to aim for and that is why I have started to take it all a lot more seriously and invest in what I am doing to improve my knowledge and make sure I am taking the right steps to make the most out of my time and make the progress I really need to make to achieve my goals. So here is what my current training plan looks like...

I went from not having a clue what I was doing to having a nice new routine that is really putting me through my paces but I love it. I never used to have set days for things and would just do whatever but having a routine has really helped me. I am now stretching daily which makes me feel so much better as my muscles are less tense and I feel a lot less stiff. It has also got me using muscle groups I had neglected for so long. 

I also have set days now where I go between the following programmes so that I aren't overdoing it on specific muscles over and over again like I was previously doing. This means I am getting the rest I need whilst still getting workouts done. So one day I do upper body then I do lower body, once they are done I will then have a day where I do a circuit working different groups and then I will have a day doing a leg nurturing programme just to try build the strength up in my leg and stop it hurting so much. 

On the days where I don't have a programme to follow I tend to mix it up some days are literally just rest days but on other days I will do a weights session with my dumbbells or bar bell, I am loving having weights in my workouts now as it is something I have neglected for so long. If I don't want to do a weights session though I normally just find a 20 minute dance workout on YouTube to make sure my body is moving, I never thought I would enjoy something like this but it is fantastic. I am trying to use the exercise bike a lot more again as I seemed to drop off from using it as much as I used to. I am hoping that over the next few weeks I can use this for half an hour a day if not more so I can get more cardio into my routine. I am trying to walk a lot more too so if I can't get on a walk I will do that instead of going on the bike as I don't need to be over doing it. 

I am really enjoying my training plan at the moment as I am really feeling the benefit of it and I am certainly seeing progress. Next up is trying to get the nutritional side of things sorted out so I can really reach my full potential as that side is definitely holding me back from smashing my goals sooner. I am also hoping to incorporate some different types of workouts into my routine so I aren't just doing the same things over and over again on those rest days where I do the dance workouts. I am hoping to give shadow boxing a try and also start doing some more skipping and football drills which I have definitely been missing a lot recently but fingers crossed now the weather is changing I can get outdoors to work out a bit more. 

I am planning on mixing it up a bit each month so I don't get bored of working out and I think this is really going to help me when it comes to staying motivated and continuing to make progress. it is going to be nice trying new things as I go along too to keep things interesting. Keep an eye out as when my routine changes I will be doing an updated post for this. 

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