March 2021 New In

March was another month where I just seemed to think sod it and bought a few too many things although I did seem to stick to buying things that I needed for myself and the house with a few other treats thrown into the mix. It has been nice just picking up bits to get the back garden nearer completion as it has definitely been a long process. Shops having garden items out on the shelf has definitely become a bit dangerous for me as I could easily spend a fortune every time I enter a store. So here is what I picked up in March...

My skin has been absolutely terrible lately, I don't know if it is from wearing a mask or from other things but I desperately needed to get it sorted as it is starting to bother me. So I picked up this Simple cleansing stick and T-Zone gel to see if they help me at all, fingers crossed they help it a little bit. 

I run out of my trusted Vo5 hairspray and couldn't find it anywhere so I have changed it up for a bit and got the got2b glued hairspray to see how well that holds my hair. Hairspray has become an essential for me lately as my hair has got longer so lets hope this works. 

I am working out a lot more than I ever have done before and I have found that this Radox muscle soak helps reduce any aches and pains. For £1 you can't go wrong with them and they last a while too and they smell gorgeous. These have slowly become a holy grail item for me and are something I am always going to repurchase. 

I needed some new joggers too as my Primark ones are becoming a bit worse for wear due to how often I have had them on during the lockdown. I picked these ones up from Tesco for £10 which is a great price as they are really soft and comfortable. I think I prefer these to my Primark ones too as they are a bit softer and thicker. I am definitely going to get plenty of wear out of these. 

With me being on a bit of a healthy kick lately I am trying to find healthier alternatives to other products I love. Lately I have found myself really wanting a cider especially since the sun has started to come out so when I saw these Strongbow dark fruit ultra low alcohol bottles for just £2 I thought I would give them a try to see if I could enjoy the taste of alcohol with a lot less calories as each bottle only has 22 calories. 

With me going back to work anytime now I thought I would pick up a couple of lunch boxes as I try to meal prep to carry on my healthy eating. These were just £1 each and have a few sections in them so they are going to be helpful for when I am taking proper meals to work with me instead of going and buying a load of junk food on my break. 

On a trip to B&M I found this little Tracer Funko Pop Vinyl which was only £2.99 so it went straight into my basket. I love Overwatch and Tracer is my favourite character so it this is a nice new addition to my very small Tracer collection. I think I am going to have to keep an eye out for more of these on future trips to B&M. 

I finally caved and treated myself to a Nintendo Switch Lite as I was struggling to play our original Switch in handheld mode. This was a bit of a bargain as it also came with a code for Animal Crossing and Switch Online. Having this also means that when me and Liam go away we now have a Switch each so don't have to worry about wanting to play on it when the other is already using it. 

When I got my Switch I also treated myself to Street Power Football for it as the game was only £5 and has one of my favourite football content creators in it. I am looking forward to seeing what this game is all about as I love playing football games. 

I finally got some new light bulbs for the spare room. For so long I have had to get ready and take pictures under a light that was far too dark and orange so to have these new bright white bulbs is fantastic as it makes the room look a lot bigger and brighter for a change. It also makes my images look a lot better too. 

I am definitely starting to get ready for the warmer weather and being able to see people outdoors once again. I picked up this picnic blanket whilst in B&M as I love the colour of it and it will also go with the rest of our garden if we were to use it out there too. This is going to be handy for actually going on picnics and also for when we have people around in the garden as it can just be thrown onto the grass so there aren't chairs ruining it. 

To go with the blanket I also got us a fordable picnic basket to match. Last year we struggled to find one so I have got one in advance this time around. It has metal handles too so should be a bit sturdier than our others. Now I just need to convince Liam to go on a lot of picnics with me this year. 

I am sick of going to the freezer and realising we don't have any ice for my drinks so I picked up this pack of reusable ice cubes for just £2. Now I just need to go to the freezer and pick these out, use them, wash them and refreeze them so we should never run out of ice, plus there is going to be plenty for when others come over too. 

There is hopefully going to be a bit of a theme to our back garden when it is complete which I will do a full post on when the time comes. I picked up this citronella candle for the garden for just £5 which is going to fit the theme really well. Things crossed that this is going to keep the bugs away whilst we are outdoors too. 

Also for the garden we got some artificial topiary trees to go with our planters at either side of our decking steps. I struggled to find these last year so as soon as I saw these I made sure to purchase them. I also got some lights to go around the border in the back garden too to fit the theme we are going for. I am glad I got these now and didn't wait around because I think they might sell pretty quickly once when the weather improves.  

When I got my nephew a football for his birthday I had to treat myself to one too. Mine is in bits thanks to kicking it against the wall during the first lockdown so this was needed. I am hoping to get the side garden sorted out very soon so I can get out playing football in there very soon to help me on my fitness journey and just get me out of the house a bit more doing something different. 

So that is what I purchased in March, I am so glad I have managed to get some more bits for the garden and there aren't actually many more things to get for it now. There definitely were a few treats but I wonder what Aprils new in is going to look like with shops reopening? I just hope I can keep what I spend under controller as I don't desperately need anything any time soon. My most important thing is getting the bits I want for the garden. 

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