My favourite Ways To Style The Grey Levis T-Shirt

Do you own a t-shirt that you always seem to reach for no matter what the weather is like? Well that is the case for me when it comes to my grey Levis batwing t-shirt in fact I love this t-shirt so much that I also own it in navy blue, black and blue versions that I also reach for a lot of time but my favourite is definitely the grey version. It is just so easy to style and feels so comfortable due to the fabric feeling so soft, it is great for layering but is also light enough to wear in the warmer weather without it starting to feel stuck to you and heavy after a few hours as the day starts to heat up. This definitely seems to be my go to t-shirt when I want to wear a colour other than black too which is something I am trying to do a lot more often. As I said earlier this t-shirt is super easy to style and here are some of my favourite ways to style it over the different seasons...

As the weather really starts to warm up and I am reaching for this t-shirt I pair it up with my denim knee length shorts and my Nike Air Force 1's. I love how these items all work together and none of the colours look out of place in the outfit. The grey works well with the light denim of the shorts and the length of the t-shirt and the shorts also work well together too. I think this year this is going to be my go to summer outfit and I could probably even get away with wearing this outfit for work over the summer months too. 

I finally have a pair of khaki chinos with I am in love with and I honestly believe that throughout spring and those cooler summer days I am going to end up wearing these chinos a lot and I love how they look with the Levis t-shirt teamed up with them too. The fit of the t-shirt currently works well with the chinos which fit well but not perfectly and throw on a pair of smarter plain white sneakers and it is the perfect outfit for those spring shopping trips or days out. Throw on a light denim jacket and you have a perfect extra layer to keep you warm especially as we are all spending a lot more time outside these days. I can see me wearing this outfit a lot of times over the next few months as I try not to wear jeans daily for a change, this will definitely be a lot cooler of an option as the weather starts to change. 

Oh look this outfit is a lot more of the usual me as it is a whole lot darker than the other two options we have just looked at. This look gives me preppy style vibes as the classic Converse work well with the black skinny jeans, the t-shirt adds a little bit of colour to the other wise very dark outfit and the bomber jacket just gives it that preppy style in my opinion. I love teaming up the Converse with this bomber jacket as I love the way they work so well together. The t-shirt just gives a bit of a different layer to the outfit and stops it looking a bit too plain. 

Finally we have my new favourite pairing. I love the Vans Old Skool sneakers my parents got me for Christmas but unfortunately I haven't been able to wear them much lately, instead I have just been sat working out how I want to style them. I love how they look with my Levi's t-shirt, black skinny jeans and my dark denim jacket. For me I just think this whole outfit works really well together and none of the items look out of place to me. I think that once we end up back in autumn this is going to be a bit of a go to outfit on those warmer autumn days.

It is safe to say when this does get far too big for me I am going to be repurchasing this t-shirt in a smaller size as I can see it becoming a long term wardrobe staple for me. It is so easy to style and is perfect for all year round.  How would you style this grey t-shirt? 

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