How I Style The River Island Sock Sneakers

Over the years I have tried to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to sneakers as I was sick of wearing the same style over and over again, then my auntie and uncle bought me these sock style sneakers from River Island and I fell in love. These are totally different to any other sneakers I own and they have saved me a fortune as in the past I have been looking at the Balenciaga sock sneakers which cost far too much for what they actually are. 

To be honest with how good they actually are it is hard to believe they are from a high street store because if they had a designer name on them they would definitely sell for a whole lot more and I would love to know what the actual designer ones were like as these do the job perfectly for just a fraction of the cost. The green and red band across the front of the sneaker reminds me a little of the branding you would see on a Gucci sneaker for a whole lot more than these cost. 

The colours of the sneakers work really well together too and keep them looking nice and simple but not too boring. The band just adds that little bit of colour they need to stand out a little bit, where as the black sock material and black heel work really well with the white on the sole of the sneaker. 

Thanks to them being like a sock sneaker when they are on it is like you aren't wearing sneakers as the upper is so lightweight, this also makes them really comfortable and when I have worn them in the past I have had no issues with them rubbing my feet or feeling too tight. They are just really comfortable and I could happily wear them daily if they went with more of my wardrobe and if I wasn't afraid of them getting ruined by the good old British weather. I definitely do need to wear them more though as the little bit of a chunky sole they have makes me feel that little bit taller which is absolutely fantastic and just makes wearing them a little bit different. 

These sneakers don't go with a right lot of my wardrobe but this is my favourite way to style them...

I absolutely love how these look with a pair of plain black skinny jeans or my ripped black skinny jeans. The socks likeness of them just makes them look like they blend into the bottom of my jeans so everything just flows and doesn't look out of place. Team this up with a nice fitting black t-shirt and a dark blue denim shirt or black denim shirt it looks fantastic as everything compliments each other really well I really like the look of the blue denim shirt with it however, I think I do prefer it with the black denim shirt as the sneakers stand out that bit more as the red, white and green on the sneakers are the only colours on the outfit. To me the outfit just looks a bit smarter than other outfits I wear as the sneakers definitely don't look out of place.

I can't wait to get more wear out of these sneakers in the near future and incorporate more items into my wardrobe so I can wear these more often. What do you think to sock sneakers? Are they something you would wear or avoid?

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