Shoes I Am Going To Be Living In During Spring

I am determined to make sure that during Spring I am rotating my sneakers a whole lot more than I currently do. At the moment I tend to wear the same pair for weeks on end just out of laziness of picking out a new pair daily but I am definitely trying to get out of the habit of doing this and trying to get plenty more wear out of all the other pairs I own for a change instead of just having them sat on the shelf unworn.

So here are the sneakers I am planning on rotating between this Spring...

Vans Old Skool

I got my black and white Vans Old Skool sneakers for Christmas and I haven't managed to wear them much yet so I am hoping to get plenty of wear out of them throughout Spring. These will be good for all weather as I will be keeping up with coating them in Crep Protect so they shouldn't end up too ruined if it does suddenly start raining. I love the silhouette of these sneakers and there are definitely plenty of outfit options in my wardrobe for with these, they will definitely go well with my skinny black ripped jeans and dark denim jacket which is going to be when I wear them most. 

Black Converse

I got these for my birthday in 2020 and have only been able to wear them a handful times so far but when I have worn them I have loved them due to them looking so good and fitting so comfortably. Again these will be getting coated in Crep Protect so they don't end up being ruined but I am really looking forward to styling plenty of outfits around these sneakers over the next few month and I already have a few in mind.

Air Force 1 

My white Air Force 1's are my go to sneaker at the moment and they are looking a bit beat up however, I am determined to get them cleaned up a bit as I will definitely be carrying on wearing them through the next few months. These sneakers are really comfortable and really easy to style as they go with a lot of my wardrobe so I am never short of an outfit to wear with them. 

White River Island Sneakers

These sneakers are slowly becoming my favourites due to them looking a lot smarter than my other pairs. They are really comfortable too so I can definitely see me wearing them for long periods of time. To say they were only £15 they are actually a lot better quality than I thought they would be and fingers crossed they are going to last me a while. I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of these as I already have outfits in mind I just hope I can keep them nice and clean too.

Sock Sneakers

These River Island sock sneakers are a pair I have neglected far too much lately and I think I have only worn them twice as I was worried about ruining them. I am determined to get them worn a lot more over the next few months though as I think they will go really well with my ripped jeans and other items from in my wardrobe. Plus it will just be something a bit different as I don't wear any other sneakers in this style, I think it could definitely be a nice change to wear as they certainly feel like a nice lightweight option. 

I really do need to start circulating my sneaker rotation a whole lot more so I don't keep on wasting money on pairs that go unused, I have some sneakers that are around 5 years old and still look brand new due to the lack of wear which is something I aren't happy with. There are plenty of ways I can style these pairs and I am really looking forward to styling them in all the different ways possible. What sneakers do you think you will be wearing the most throughout spring? 

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