My Current Skincare Products


One thing I have noticed lately is that my skin is in terrible condition. I honestly don't know why though as I have been trying to look after it a lot more than I previously have, I have also been drinking a lot more water which is meant to be good for your skin so I don't know where I am going wrong all I can think is that my skin is getting worse due to the amount of times I am wearing a mask which definitely doesn't help with the condition of my skin. 

I have been playing around with different products lately to see what works for me and what doesn't whilst I try to get back on track with a skincare routine and so that I feel confident in my skin once more. So here are the products that I am currently using to try solve the problem for a while... 

I absolutely love this foaming cleanser from Superdrug and it is a product that I will repurchase over and over again. At under £5 this product is an absolute bargain to me and my skin seems to like it, with some cleansers in the past they have irritated my skin and it has suffered for weeks but I have had no issues with this one at all. I honestly think my skin feels much better after using this, I just need to remember to use it more often. 

On the days that I don't fancy using my foaming cleanser I use this Simple charcoal cleansing stick. This is a fairly new purchase from the pound shop of all places and so far it is going OK with this product. I am still getting used to this product but I think if I give it a bit longer I could end up really liking it and get plenty of benefits from it. I think I am just struggling as I am not used to using a cleanser that isn't a foam. 

Unfortunately I seem to have been cursed with the dark circles under my eyes from my dad and his side of the family. They have definitely been getting worse over the past year or so I have added an eye brightening cream into my skincare routine, again this is just a cheap one from Superdrug but it seems to do the trick when I remember to use it. It definitely does brighten under my eyes and makes them look so much better. 

I also use the Naturally Radiant day and night creams when I can be bothered to use them as they are really good for the fraction of the cost of ones I have had in the past. Both the day and night creams combined are cheaper than some of the higher end brands I have had in the past and they seem to work better for my skin again though I just need to get into the routine of using them daily again as I think my skin is definitely going to benefit from using them a lot more. 

This T-Zone spot zapping gel is another new purchase that I need to use a lot more before I can properly judge it. Again this another pound shop purchase and I honestly got this due to my experiences with T-Zone products in the past as when I have used them they have done my skin wonders and cleared up 99% of my spots, I just hope this one is going to work as well for me as those ones before have as it is needed.  

I have used the same face wash for years now and honestly I don't know if I am going to end up switching it for something new or not. My skin seems to like this face wash but I aren't sure if its stopping working lately as my skin has got used to it due to how long I have used it for. This Simple face wash is definitely the nicest to my sensitive skin so if I can find something similar to switch it with that would be great. 

My mum  recently give me this anti-redness cream that wasn't working for her and I am hoping it does work for me. I have heard good things about La Roche-Posay  so fingers crossed it does work for me as I have started to notice a few red patches appearing on my face lately and that isn't just the sunburn I caught the other week on those two sunny days. 

On a night I am still using the Freederm overnight clearing serum which when I do keep on top of using it regularly really works and it helps reduce the blemishes over a short space of time however, I have been useless at remembering it recently so it hasn't had the desired effect. If I can start remembering to use this again I could end up clearing up all my problems a lot sooner.

Finally a new addition that I am definitely going to be using practically daily to save myself from being burnt as often as I am lately. I seem to attract the sun far too much so I am going to start adding some suncream with a decent SPF into my skincare to hopefully stop me getting burnt so easily. the sunburn definitely isn't helping my skin condition so it is time to finally sort that out. 

I really do need to start making a lot more time on a morning and an evening to make sure I am really making the most out of these products and getting on track with getting my skin back into a good condition at long last. I have a plan for this so keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks to see something I am planning on doing to try make my skincare routine stick. What skincare products do you like to use? 

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