March 2021 Fitness Update

Well march has been and gone and it has been a strange month. It started off really well with things going in the right direction but in the last two weeks of the month totally went off track and any progress I did make disappeared and to be honest I aren't going to be too hard on myself because at the end of the day it happens from time to time. So here is a look back at the goals I set for March and if I achieved them... 

Be more Consistent in my fitness/weight loss journey

I was more consistent in terms of working out for the first few weeks but then due to various reasons that just stopped. The final few days of the month were great though as I really reset my mind and reminded myself of my long term goal. 

Lose 4 lb

This certainly didn't happen as I ended up gaining 1lb but honestly it could have been a whole lot worse. It does make me wonder just how much I could have lost if I continued to work as hard as I did at the start of March throughout the full month. 

Add more fruit & vegetables into my diet

This one I struggled with but I did add a few bits of broccoli into my meals and some apples. I am determined to try add even more into my diet in April especially more fruit, I am going to try add in some fruits I haven't had before or haven't had for a long time as I am getting sick of apples all the time. When I did have fruit and veg in my diet throughout March I felt much better on that day. 

Go on more walks

I went on a few walks at the start of the month but then I stopped going as often however, I went on a walk everyday for the last 3 days of the month which was great. It was nice getting out in the fresh air a bit more and my body felt much better for it. 

Order less takeaways

Again this is something that I did well with at the start of the month but I ended up falling off track around the middle of the month when everything else started to fall apart. When I did order in though I tried to order something that was healthier than a big greasy pizza each time. I have a bit of a plan in mind though to combat the ordering in which I will go over another day but I am determined to really cut back on those and get my nutrition sorted out. 

Don't get down if things don't go to plan

Personally I think I did quite well with this one. It wasn't things going wrong in terms of my weight loss journey that got me down it was other things happening in life such as not knowing what is going on day to day. I am someone who likes to plan out their days but lately that hasn't been able to happen and it's totally thrown me out of sync which I don't like. I am just glad that I didn't let my 1lb gain bother me as much as I would have in the past.

Add a new style of workout into my routine

I didn't necessarily try any new workouts in my routine however, I did end up going back and adding in a few dance workouts which I did in 2020 which was great. I forgot just how much I enjoyed those dance workouts and I found I actually missed doing them so I can't wait to keep adding more of these into my days, they really get your heart rate up and get you moving like you probably wouldn't normally do. 

So here is how my weight loss went on the scales...

Beginning of March weight : 15 stone 12 lb 
End of March weight : 15 stone 13 lb

Total loss for the month : + 1 lb

I honestly wasn't surprised with me gaining 1lb as I did definitely fall off track towards the back end of the month and to be honest I thought that I would have actually gained a lot more. Seeing the scales go up though has just made me more determined to crack on and get back on track to see the scales going back in the opposite direction. I have set myself some goals I want to achieve for the month of April and these are... 

- Lose 3 lb
- Take my meals to work
- Reduce the amount of takeaways I have
- Try new fruits
- Keep on top of my workouts
- Try shadow boxing as a workout
- Continue going for walks 

These are definitely realistic goals for me to achieve if I just put my mind to it and aim to get back on track. March started off so well but then quickly went down hill but I aren't going to let that happen again in April. Fingers crossed April goes a bit more to plan.

Total loss for 2021 : + 1 & 3/4 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 3 & 3/4 lb

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