Winter Essentials Everyone Needs

 Winter is here and the weather is definitely changing. Winter is definitely my 2nd favourite season not too far behind autumn just due to the fact. I love getting layered up and watching the snow fall, when it actually snows properly so I always countdown to that time of year, plus it just so happens to be Christmas in winter too so that is an extra bonus. My wardrobe normally stays the same during the autumn and winter months with not many additions coming in as if it drops colder I will usually just add on another layer. So here are those all important winter essentials...

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is perfect for layering as they look great with a hoodie underneath. These are great for those days when it is cold but dry outside and you want to layer up. I definitely need to pick up a new leather jacket that is going to last me as long as my previous one did as I have so many looks I would love to piece together with a quality leather jacket. 

Thick coat

I have my eyes on a puffer style jacket this year as it is what is seriously missing in my wardrobe. I love putting on a nice thick coat to head to watch the football or go on a winter visit to the seaside which is one of my favourite things to do. I currently have a thick coat from Primark which is fantastic as it keeps me nice and warm however, I do have my eye on a North Face puffer style jacket in the near future. 

Dark Denim Jacket

I love wearing my dark denim jacket in the winter months when it isn't raining as it is perfect for layering. Throw on the denim jacket over a hoodie and you have a perfect look in my option. There are some great options out there but my current one I have had for a few years now and it is still going strong and it only cost £25 from Primark. So you can definitely get a decent denim jacket for a reasonable price. 


You can get hoodies for reasonable prices or you can pay over the odds but at the end of the day a hoodie is perfect for the winter. If you are just lounging around the house you can throw on a hoodie and stay nice and warm throughout the day. If you are going out for the day throw on a hoodie and layer it under a nice denim jacket or coat and you are good to go and won't be feeling the cold. You could have a nice printed hoodie under an open jacket just to add a little bit of a standout element to your outfit or if you wanted something minimalist you could even opt for a nice plain hoodie. Whatever your style there is an option out there for you. 

Flannel Shirt

I honestly think that the reason winter is one of my favourite seasons is because I can practically live in my checked flannel shirts. A checked flannel shirt for me is one of the first items I restock ready for the autumn & winter season as they can create a smart outfit or even a more casual outfit. I love wearing mine open with a plain t-shirt underneath for a casual look on a day to day basis however, if I do need to smarten myself up a bit I would wear it buttoned up with some nice fitting jeans and my Chelsea boots. There are plenty of different colours out there so something to suit everyone's wardrobe. Keep an eye on my Instagram and I am sure you will be seeing plenty of checked shirt looks throughout winter.


Cable Knit Jumper

One thing I usually neglect is a nice smart cable knit jumper, but I won't be doing this year. A cosy knit jumper is perfect for the days where you want to look a bit smarter but still give your outfit a bit of a casual vibe. A cable knit jumper would look great with a smarter coat over the top and a nice scarf you will definitely have a smarter outfit for the winter months. 


If you want something a bit more casual though you could always opt for a sweatshirt. You can get these plain or printed and each one brings something different to an outfit. One of my favourites is currently my Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt as the print just makes the outfit stand out a little bit more as it certainly catches your eye and it looks great under an open denim jacket. If you want something more subtle though you could pick up a plain one and it will just tone your outfit down a little bit. I know that I will certainly be investing in some more sweatshirts for the winter season. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sometimes winter days might not be as cold as you expect so if you are like me you wouldn't want to get layered up then regret it later in the day. That is why I love wearing long sleeved t-shirts in winter, they just add that little bit more warmth than a t-shirt and you can easily throw a jacket over the top of them to stay nice and warm. If you really wanted to though you could layer it and then if you did need to remove those extra layers you would still stay nice and warm. 

Plain T-Shirt

A real winter essential for me is a plain t-shirt, I don't know what it is but if I am layering with hoodies I don't fancy getting my favourite printed t-shirts dirty when no one is going to see them. When I am wearing my shirts open I want something plain so it isn't going to distract from my shirt and keeps the outfit looking a bit smarter. 


I try to stay away from lighter coloured denim in winter just as the darker months seem to bring out my love for darker colours. As the winter months are approaching I always make sure I am stocked up on black, dark grey and dark denim jeans. I always make sure I have a few pairs of each to hand as I live in jeans. I tend to limit the ripped jeans in winter as I don't want to end up getting colder than I need to be so I tend to stick with the skinny/slim fit jeans in the colder months. 


A scarf finishes off most looks and if the right scarf is picked it can make an outfit look a lot smarter than it would be without one. I used to only use football scarves where as now I tend to avoid them and would much rather reach for a nice soft touch cashmere scarf. My current favourite is my Vivienne Westwood one which my auntie and uncle got me a few years ago as it adds a degree of smartness to my outfit and really dresses it up. 


Gloves are certainly an essential for me as my hands are always cold due to me having Raynauds. Every year I get stocked up with plenty of pairs so I am never caught short. My favourite pair recently have been my Under Armour ones which are great but definitely dress down my outfits and make them look a little too sporty. That is why this year I am on the hunt for a nice smarter pair that maybe have touchscreen ability especially if I need to wear them whilst I am at the football making notes for my match report. I would much rather wear gloves than have to try warm my hands up for hours once I get home.

Beanie Hat

I know there are plenty of people out there who will say 'but hat's on't suit me' well if you shop around I am sure you will find the right one for you. I personally love a beanie hat in the winter as due to me having short hair my poor ears get cold too easily. I used to pick up beanies with sports clubs or slogans on them but now I realise the plain and simple ones are so much better as they go with a lot more outfits so the sports ones are now kept for sports events only.


Throughout the warmer months it is all about invisible and trainer socks however, as soon as the weather starts to change I end up picking up my thicker sports socks or some smarter dress style socks. You don't want your feet or ankles getting too cold as it takes ages to warm back up so pick up a thicker pair of socks and you are good to go. Plus in winter you will tend to wear boots and smarter shoes so the fact these go above your ankle will make those shoes feel a bit more comfortable too. 


I tend to pick up my Chelsea boots more than I do my sneakers in the winter as they are just smarter and go with more of my outfits. I will also be opting for some military/combat style boots this winter too just so I can have a few more smarter options as opposed to just Chelsea boots or sneakers. 

White Sneakers  

When I do pick a pair of sneakers in winter 9 times out of 10 I will opt for my plain white sneakers as they give my outfits a bit of a smart casual vibe whilst not making them look too sporty. A good pair of white sneakers will last you for all 4 seasons if you look after them correctly and they are not just a winter essential but a year round essential. 


I have recently add a pair of classic black hi top Converse to my wardrobe and they are treating me very well. They are really easy to style and look great with 90% of my wardrobe for the winter season. They give outfits a bit of a preppy looking whilst also looking a bit smarter than if I was just to trow a pair of sneakers on. Team these up with some skinny jeans, a sweatshirt and a nice jacket and you have a perfect winter outfit combo. 

So there you have it those are the winter essentials everyone should look into owning as they will keep you nice and cosy through the cold months whilst still making your outfit look fantastic. What are your winter essentials? 

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