Weekly Round Up #46


We are getting closer and closer to what has been one of the strangest years and to be honest it has surprised me how quick it has gone even though not much has happened. It has been a mixed week but overall a good one so here is what we got up to....


Monday was just the usual day of being in work then going and getting the food shop done at this point it has just become routine. Once I was back I did a quick workout before just crashing out for the night.


Tuesday was another day with my nephew and he was introduced to painting so that was a very fun day. I think we did about 6 activities before 10am as he just couldn't make his mind up on what he wanted to do. Once I got home I finally managed to get caught back up on some YouTube. 

Wednesday I was back in the office but once again the day absolutely flew by. I actually managed to get a few blog bits done for the first time during the week which was great as I am wanting to get plenty done before Christmas so I can just relax between Christmas and new year for a change and enjoy spending time with Liam while he is off work. 


Thursday was another day with the nephew which was great but the day went by far too fast. We went to the park, did plenty of crafting and just generally had a great day. Santa was making his was around our village that night too so we ended up going out and waiting for him although the nephew wasn't too keen. Once I was home it was a night of just relaxing once again. 


Friday I was back in the office but thanks to a nice 4pm finish I was home in no time. I ended up having a gaming night on Friday which was fantastic as I think it was definitely needed. 


On Saturday I was out and about for the day but when I got home I ended up back on the Xbox where I managed to complete yet another game. I really enjoyed playing more games and honestly in 2021 one of my goals is going to be to make more time just to play instead of writing all the time. 


Sunday was an early start as I wanted to get some stuff done before I went to the football. Then my afternoon was spent back at the women's football which was great as I have certainly missed it. Once I was back from the football I did my match report for Edge of the Area then finished off some other blog bits before jumping into another game. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I managed to catch up on YouTube occasionally but to be honest I didn't watch much at all.

Reading:  Once again I didn't end up getting any reading done.
Listening to:   I spent most of my time listening to Taylor Swift as once again she has released a fantastic new album.

This week I want to get plenty more blogging done as I want to be able to just relax over the Christmas period, I don't have too much to do in the run up but I do want to start cracking on with next years content so I am ahead for a change. Most of my Christmas bits are done but there are few bits to finish which I am hoping to do before the end of the week. Other than that I just want to sit and play games again.

See you soon

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