The Final Weekly Round Up


Well it is finally here the final weekly round up of the year and for the near future of the blog. I have a post coming up in the next few days with the changes that will be happening on the blog in the near future but for not here is how Christmas week went for me....


On Monday I had a very lazy morning just enjoying my first day off from work. I then ended up nipping to the shops to pick a few bits up before we went to do our big food shop. It was then a case of coming home unpacking the shopping and I ended up watching plenty of YouTube. 


On Tuesday I ended up nipping into town for a few last minute bits and once again ended up coming home with way more than I actually needed, in fact Liam finds it hilarious some of the bits I picked up. Then I decided to just have a nice relaxed night for a change and just watched TV and switched off for the night. 


Wednesday was a fun day as I went to see my nephew for a bit after waiting in for some parcels. We watched Frozen 2, played with the face paints and just had fun. Then once I got home I just ended up doing a few blog bits before settling down to watch some YouTube. 


 Thursday was Christmas eve and Liam was working for most of the day so I had a bit of a lazy morning before I got up and did some jobs around the house before he got home. Then it was a case of getting a takeaway and settling down for the night. 


 Friday was Christmas day and to be honest it was a later start than I expected. Me and Liam opened up our presents and had a really nice breakfast together then it was off to see my family for me. I spent the day down at my sisters and it was great as you could see how much my nephew was enjoying the day too. I didn't get home until pretty late so once I was home I was in bed. 


Saturday was boxing day and me and Liam just ended up having a pretty chilled day, we did a bit of tidying up and then ended up just doing our own thing for the day. We spent most of the day in the games room with him playing on his PC and me watching YouTube. 


On Sunday we had another day of cleaning up and got most of our Christmas gifts sorted out but we still have a fair bit of tidying to do, we didn't do it all in one go though as we both have plenty of time off to get it done. We then just had another relaxed afternoon of playing games and catching up on YouTube and doing a few bits for the blog. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  I haven't actually watched much other than the football and YouTube. 

Reading: It has been too busy to read lately but I want to make it a new year resolution to read more.    
Listening to:   I just can't get enough of Taylor Swift at the moment. 

So that is it that is the end of the weekly round up posts. I can't wait for you to see the content I have planned for 2021. 

See you soon

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