Weekly Round Up #45


Another week is over and done with and we have finally entered the final month of the year, I love this time of year as it is all really Christmas related and honestly the best part of the year in my eyes. The first week of the month has been a pretty good one and here is what I got up too...


Monday was just our usual day of going to work and then heading to Asda. It was a pretty good day though as I managed to get a fair bit of blogging done when I got home.


Tuesday was another fantastic day with my nephew, we played in the tent and just had a great day together. Once I got home though I was really tired so I ended up climbing into bed and catching up on YouTube. 

On Wednesday I was back in the office but the day absolutely flew by once again which was great as I felt like I got home a lot quicker. Once I got home I jumped on the exercise bike for a bit before going upstairs and doing some blogging. 


Thursday was another day with my nephew, we ended up going to town for a bit as shops had reopened and I actually managed to get all my Christmas shopping done. It was then back home to get a few more blog bits done and to watch some football. 


On Friday we woke up to snow which was great so I went to work then straight to see the nephew so we could play in the snow for a bit together. Once I was back home I ended up getting warmed up a bit and just played games for the night which was nice as I just switched off really.


On Saturday I was up early for a hair cut, came back and wrapped the rest of my Christmas presents and then just had a relaxed day of watching YouTube and football which was a nice change of pace. 


Sunday was a day of shopping where I actually managed to treat myself for a change. I had a really nice day and also managed to get prepared for this week which I love doing on my Sunday's. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I watched a lot of football and YouTube over the week which was great as they are two of my favourite things at the moment.

Reading:  I didn't get anything read at all during the week. 
Listening to:  I mainly stuck to listening to Tegan and Sara last week with a little bit of Christmas music thrown into the mix. 

This week I want to have a nice relaxed week full of blogging and gaming. I am hoping to get plenty of things done around the house & blogging wise as I start to wrap things up for the year. I am hoping that I can get through some more games this week and do a lot more working out. 

See you soon

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