Weekly Round Up #47


Well the week that holds Christmas day has arrived and although it certainly wont be the same this year I am quite looking forward to it. I have finished work for the year now and am looking forward to relaxing and just enjoying my time off. Here is how last week went... 


On Monday I was in the office followed by our usual shopping trip to Asda which was surprisingly quiet. Once I got back I ended up going to play some games but thanks to them needing updates I stuck to watching YouTube instead.


On Tuesday I had the day off to spend it with my nephew and it was great. It was followed with a trip to the toy shop to pick up some last minute gifts before heading back for a cheeky Burger King. Then it was straight to be thanks to a busy day. 

On Wednesday it was back to the office for me but I was actually in on my own for the day. To say I was in on my own the day went surprisingly fast and before I knew it I was home. Liam ended up with an early finish too so it was great to have an extra couple of hours with him. 


Thursday was another day with my nephew and it was fantastic. I ended up with my face painted we watched some of his favourite shows and just had a generally great day. Again though I was so tired by the time I got home I ended up going straight to bed. 


Friday was my final day of the year in the office and 4pm arrived sooner than I thought it would. To kick start my Christmas break I ended up just having a very relaxed night. 


Saturday was a quick trip into town before heading home to spend the rest of the day with Liam. It was nice to have the day with him even if we did spend most of it cleaning and watching the football.


On Sunday we both decided a nice chilled day was in order so we spent the day playing games, watching football and watching films, it was a nice change of pace and we definitely need to do it more often. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: We watched a few films, some football and a lot of YouTube which was a nice mix. 

Reading:  Once again I didn't get around to doing any reading. 
Listening to:  I spent most of the week listening to Christmas music. 

This week I want to finish off my last few blog bits for the year so the Christmas eve and day are just spent away from the PC enjoying myself. Liam finishes work on Christmas eve so I am hoping to have things done by then so that the days he has off we can just spend together. It should definitely be a great week. 

See you soon

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