December 2020 New In

Well I said I wasn't going to spend much out of my November wage with being just around the corner but that didn't work out at all thanks to Black Friday and me just generally finding things I wanted to purchase. Although it seems like I have purchased a lot I have actually managed to save quite a bit too. So here is what I treated myself to...

Curry's Black Friday deals weren't that great this year but I did pick up a Dolce Gusto machine so I can now have as many hot chocolates as I like. This was an absolute bargain as it was only £28.

To go with my new Dolce Gusto machine I picked up some hot chocolate pods from B&M, the Mars ones were fantastic but I do still need to try the others. These we all around the £3-£4 mark so not too bad to say what they actually are. 

I am trying to cut back on some of my snacks as they have been really bad for me lately. I have become obsessed with these skinny bars from B&M and for £1.50 you can't go wrong, they fill me up and taste really nice. 

I decided I wanted to treat us to some new glasses so I ended up getting these ones, wine glasses, flute glasses and a few other kinds. I was just sick of ours as they were cheap and a lot had chipped or cracked really easily due to how cheap they were. These feel like pretty good quality though so let's hope they last a while. 

With Christmas approaching I decided to treat myself to some beers on a recent lunch time trip to Tesco. The Jaipur is by far one of my favourites so I picked up 2 cans of that and decided to pick up 2 cans I have never tried before. 

On a recent trip to one of our local markets I found a stall with a few PS2 games for £1 each and I certainly weren't leaving these behind at that price. I love the Crash games so these were a bargain for me and I used to love the Harry Potter games too. The Wolverine one is something I have never played before so I look forward to trying that. 

I also picked up two new Skulduggery Pleasant books as these were my favourite growing up and I need to complete my collection of the books as so many new ones have been brought out recently. With these being 2 for £5 they are a bargain. 

I won a £100 voucher for BoohooMan at the end of November so I have treated myself to a few new bits from there. They had this really nice bleached flannel shirt so I decided to pick it up in a large as a goal shirt as I thought it might be a bit tight fitting however, it is the perfect fit so I can't wait to get wearing this. 

I also picked up this tracksuit that is made up of a hoodie and shorts. I love the colour of this set as it is totally different to anything I would usually purchase. This is going to be perfect for those days lounging around the house and I can definitely see me getting my money worth. This will be getting worn for plenty of blogging days and gaming days. 

The final thing that I bought from BoohooMan was this wolf print t-shirt which fits nice too. I was lacking on t-shirts that actually fit me right and this also goes really well with my new shirt too so it is going to be great for layering. 

In H&M I was never intending to buy any socks but as soon as I saw the Spongebob Christmas tree ones I knew I wanted them, then I saw the Pikachu ones so I thought I may as well make the most out of the 3 for 2 offer they had on and got some Squidward ones too. I am just trying to stop wearing Nike socks daily. 

H&M also had this long sleeved Playstation t-shirt in the sale for just £7 so I wasn't leaving that behind. I love PlayStation and my wardrobe is lacking in long sleeved t-shirts that fit so this is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I am already really looking forward to styling this. 

Liam had me watching Gremlins throughout the month and I fell in love with it so I ended up buying this Gremlins Christmas jumper from Primark as soon as I saw it. It is a really nice fit and is actually really comfortable and not itchy at all. I am hoping this still looks good for Christmas 2020 too. 

I had seen the MyProtein Velocity 1/4 zip top all over my Instagram and I loved the look of it so I ended up picking one up for myself. This will be great if I go on walks or on trips to watch the football as well as working out on those cold days as it is really comfortable and fits really nice. 

Whilst on the MyProtein site I also got myself a new t-shirt as I fancied trying something other than GymShark for working out in. This fits really nicely and I can see me enjoying working out in this plus they aren't that expensive if I do like it too so who knows more maybe being purchased in the near future. 

Finally towards the end of the Gymshark Black Friday sale they hid codes on the site with extra discounts. I ended up finding one of the codes so I treated myself to this windbreaker I had been looking at for a while. This came to just £25 after the discounts so it is a real steal, I haven't worn any other coats since I got this as I love it that much. 

So there you have it that is what I picked up in December 2020, it was definitely a spendy month when it was never intended. What's your favourite on this list?

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