November 2020 New In

November has been and gone and honestly I did a lot better with spending than I thought I did which makes a big difference compared to previous months. I think with Christmas coming up I am trying to stop spending as who knows what I am going to receive come Christmas day. The things I have purchased though are mainly things that are going to be really useful or things that I have wanted for a while now. So here is what I purchased throughout November...

Liam had been complaining about the bedding we were currently using so I decided it was time to change that and bought us a fleece duvet set which is far too comfortable and we are currently struggling to get up on a morning thanks to this. It is really comfortable and great value for £28. 

I also got us some new throws for in the living room and they were a bargain from Wilkinson's at just £5 each. Now the weather is changing I wanted something a bit warmer seen as our current throws are really thin. These are so comfortable thanks to them being the teddy material. 

As a bit of a joke I picked up this napkin holder from Poundland just to go on our little treat table we have every year. to be honest I just thought it looked cute. 

I am fed up of having to ask Liam what is for tea each night so I picked up a meal planner for us to stick to the fridge so each  week we know exactly what we are having each day. This should hopefully mean I stay on track weight loss wise and also that there is less food waste. 

We also got a new scale for me to  be able to get correct food weights seen as our last set went missing. These are just from amazon and cost around £10 so they aren't overly expensive and they are going to be really useful. 

Gymshark had their black Friday sale in October so of course I picked up a few new items. I have had my eye on this Glitch t-shirt for a while so when I saw it in the sale it went straight into my cart. It is great too as I needed to size down so this came just at the right time. 

I also picked up a pair of shorts as all my current ones were getting too big for me. These are a lot shorter than I would usually go for too but I think I prefer them, I am sure you will be seeing them on here and Instagram in the future. 

I won a charity auction for this England Lionesses shirt on Twitter for just £25 which is fantastic as I had this shirt missing from my collection but I really wanted it so for me to pick it up and support a great cause at the same time is fantastic. 

When in Asda I came across this Assassins Creed Valhalla t-shirt for just £10 so I picked that up straight away. Asda have some fantastic gaming merchandise in store lately and this was definitely one of my favourites. The best part is I actually did need this t-shirt too as my others are getting big on me now.  

Finally my favourite purchases of the month... the PS5 and Man Eater game. I feel like I have waited far too long for this console but finally it is here and I am loving it so far. I also picked up Man Eater for this console as I have wanted to play this for a while now but was holding off until I got my PS5. 

So there you have it that is what I have picked up during November 2020. What have you picked up in November? 

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