My Favourite Jacket Is Actually Something I Never Thought I Would Wear

My go to jacket for so long was a Superdry jacket with far too many zips, I think I wore it for so long due to the amount it cost me. But now I am starting to branch out and alternate my jackets just like I do the rest of my clothing as items are getting neglected and some items go better with each other than with that Superdry jacket 24/7. 

One jacket I am absolutely loving is this Original Penguin bomber jacket. This jacket was originally bought for my dad but he either wasn't too keen or it didn't fit him so I ended up with it. This cost around £30 at the time due to a sale and honestly I think I would have paid even more for it as it is so comfortable and fits in with most of my wardrobe. 

Granted this jacket isn't particularly waterproof so isn't really great for most days here in the UK but for those days where it is quite chilly but dry it is perfect. The material isn't too heavy either so it is great for layering too, which just so happens to be my favourite  

It is nice and plain in design too with just a little bit of colour around the collar lining which makes that area pop a little more. 

I love wearing this jacket open with a printed sweatshirt underneath, a pair of skinny jeans and black converse. The Converse give the outfit and preppy look but for me the bomber jacket also gives the preppy vibe and adds a bit of a vintage kind of look to it too. The jacket is a bit of a navy blue colour and with it being so dark it actually works really well with the rest of the outfit. This is how I wear this jacket 90% of the time and I need more sweatshirts to be able to do this look with. 

 When it is a bit cooler I tend to switch the sweatshirt for a long sleeved t-shirt and it still creates a great look. I am sure a t-shirt would even work under so I may have to try that too. I am so glad my dad ended up giving me this jacket as I know that over the next few years this jacket is certainly going to become a staple piece in my wardrobe. I am sure you will be seeing it plenty of times on my YouTube in the future too. 

Do you own a bomber jacket or something similar how would you style it?

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