November 2020 Favourites

November has gone by in the blink of an eye and we are edging closer to the end of the year. Thanks to the lockdown the pace of life has really slowed down recently which is brilliant as it has meant more time just enjoying relaxing and getting plenty ticked off my to do list. So here are my favourites from the month... 



I have fallen in love with my tracksuits lately as they are just so comfortable and perfect for lounging around in. With me not going anywhere on weekends tracksuits have been my go to for when I am just sat around the house. Whether I am gaming or blogging I am nice and comfortable for the day.

Air Force 1's 

When I haven't been at work I have been gone on walks with nephew which is great as it is getting me out of the house and moving. I have found that the comfiest pair of sneakers I have for my walks are the Nike Air Force 1's, they are my daily sneaker these days anyway but even when I am going on those 5K walks they aren't hurting my feet and they are really easy to clean after too. 


Getting ahead of myself

Thanks to the lockdown I have been able to get ahead with my blogging in my spare time which means I am already well into writing next years content which is surprisingly organised for me. The Macbook has helped a lot with this too thanks to how fast and responsive it is. I am able to get a lot more done on my lunch breaks meaning posts are up sooner and those finishing touches are added instead of me putting it off until the last minute. 


Games Room 

I have basically lived in the games room since the start of November. This is because I have been sat at my PC blogging away a lot of nights but I have also spent a lot more time actually playing my games too. Thanks to us not going out on nights or on weekends it has been nice just relaxing in this room and playing through my backlog and working on new posts.   

Health & fitness

Home workouts  

Since we have cancelled our gym membership I have even been using the exercise bike or weights. But throughout November I have really enjoyed doing HIIT videos from YouTube more specifically EMKFIT videos. Who doesn't enjoy dancing around the living room to Disney songs whilst getting fit. They have been really beneficial for me and my weight loss journey. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from November. What are your favourites from November  2020?

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